Imperfectly Perfect…

HydrangeasI love what sports can do to shape people’s characters! Every sport shapes people in different ways, but my sport of choice was the sport of gymnastics. Research shows that gymnastics takes the most athleticism. To hit skills you need to be perfectly perfect, with crazy reaction times, and strength that is unbelievable.

Gymnasts make what they do look effortless, but that is the exact opposite!
Gymnasts would probably fail more than your average athlete, until you learn to master a skill. After mastering that skill, the work isn’t over…then we have to learn to put it in a routine, where you are fatigued and have to learn to perfect it again…this time tired.

After all this hard work in the gym, you then have to get competition ready, where you have to be judged on your series of moves that constitute this routine, and the judges are looking for absolute perfection. Just you, your event, and the judges…well, I’m sure your supportive and very broke parents are in the stands rooting for you. But it’s just you alone to fight for the perfection that you have worked countless hours to achieve.

I love that this sport teaches this, because it teaches us to strive for perfection…which is near impossible…but it is much the same as life! We have a vision of what is “the perfect life” and work our tails off trying to strive for this, only to eventually realize that nobody is perfect…Not even the first gymnast to score a perfect ten…Nadia Comaneci!

We can pray for perfection, we can meditate for perfection, we can visualize perfection, but sadly, it is impossible…only God is perfect. It took me four decades to realize this. Maybe this was because my vision for 10 years of my life was to reach perfection as a gymnast, then for another 10 years I was trying to reach perfection through my gymnasts. Perfection was my obsession, until eventually my world came tumbling around me.

This pursuit for perfection infected my entire life. I was demanding perfection from everyone. It was like a disease that just kept spreading. Just because I was raised by this crazy sport, doesn’t mean that I had to carry it over into every other aspect of my life, but sadly it did. I was trying to make my husband into the perfect husband that I envisioned, I was trying to make my children into the perfect children, and my house into the perfect house. When all I was really doing was perfecting the art of self-destruction.

God, took a situation in my life and taught me a very valuable lesson. It took my “perfect world” crumbling before my eyes to make me run into his loving arms. I finally realized he was using my perception of perfect to make me understand that on this beautiful earth, nobody is perfect. Life can devastate even those who strive for their absolute best in any situation. But he wants us to learn from these devastations.

Now, as I sit with him daily, studying and meditate on his word, he gives me little stories that he wants me to share with the world. My perfect imperfections, that all of us have. Whether we want to admit to them or not, that is a different story. I’m just being obedient and sharing them through this blog.

It is said, in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness “Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.” How do you like that? Weakness is good, in the eyes of the Lord, and his eyes are all that matter to me!

If you look up the definition of “Imperfectly Perfect” it’s defined as unconditional love…accepting people with their flaws and imperfections…just like God’s unconditional love for us.

Now, I’m putting myself out there. He’s taking all my imperfections and all my weaknesses and exposing them for all the world to see! Crazy, you might think…that went through my mind, but I must do what I am asked to do. He is using me to hopefully, help open your eyes, before it is too late. None of us are perfect. We can hide these imperfections or bury our heads in the sand, but the truth remains…we are all “Imperfectly Perfect”, just like me. I’m just the lucky one, who gets to expose herself for all the world to see. It’s like streaking at a sporting event on live television and then having the video clip go viral. Terrifying! I’m exposing all my naked truths. Wish me luck…and please, be kind!

~Toby Hale

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