Headlamp Hopelessness

If you are Canadian like myself, you learn to enjoy winter activities, and long cold evenings. My family and I enjoy snowshoeing. Have you ever tried it? It’s a way to safely get your heart rate up in the winter months without risking injury. It’s cool how these rigs keep you from dipping down to your knees in fresh fallen snow. Truly, it is something that I probably take for granted because it is part of our world in the north.
My husband and I love to go out for a trek on the snowshoes after supper, but because it gets dark in January by 5pm, we need something to light our way.  With every sport you need certain equipment to make your adventure more enjoyable. We each have headlamps that we like to wear, and these little jiggies are the greatest. They strap onto your forehead and you have your own personal headlight. Just like any vehicle needs to make their venture in the dark.
Every time we go out, my husband compares the intensity of my headlight to his. He gets me to cover up my light with my mitten while we both look at a certain place and then he does the same with his light. Each time that we do this, it proves true that my light is brighter than his. It seems each time we go out, mine gets brighter and his gets dimmer, if that could actually happen.
Really, this is how most humans roll too. We look at other people, and sometimes don’t understand. Why are others’ lights brighter than our own? We get bitter or develop hatred for others’ good fortune. We get upset that they have a brighter light than we do.
Should we even compare? Absolutely not. We are made for a purpose, and it is said that we are all created equal. Some people might find this hard to believe…as my husband didn’t believe that his headlamp had the same power as mine, but they both were engraved with the same candle power, but why is mine brighter? What is the secret?
If we are all created equal, then why aren’t we all equal? Why don’t we all have the same intensity of light shining from us? This will always be a mystery, because I am not the great creator. All I know is what it says in the bible…Galatians 3:28, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” We are all the same in his eyes, and that is definitely reassuring. We might not feel like we are equal, here on earth…but we are. It’s all what we do with what he has given us.
As my husband and I were out walking our trail one day, it hit me. His headlamp is an entire year older than mine. I didn’t start snowshoeing with him, until a year after him. That probed me to think, maybe it was just his battery. Maybe his batteries were low and needed to be replaced…maybe that was the problem. Guess what? That is exactly what it was…something as simple as the battery. Once we changed that, our lamps were identical in brightness.
Just like our headlamps, you should stop comparing your life to those of others around you. If we are all created equal, then, all we have to do is change our batteries…figuratively speaking of course. We have to examine our lives and pray to see where we need our changes. We have to trust that if we read the bible, pray, meditate on his word and follow his instructions that we will all have the perfect amount of light that we need to make ourselves shine!
You can blame others for your misfortunes, or your ‘dim’ life that you lead…or you can change your batteries…and your ways…so that the light that you should be shining is as bright as it was created to be. Your choice…your decision…your change!
Try changing your batteries and she just how bright you were meant to shine!

~Toby Hale

One thought on “Headlamp Hopelessness

  1. A wonderful reminder from a wonderful woman after God’s own heart!! “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”! XO


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