Bread of Life…


Did you ever feel like you are beat down and can’t get up? That your life just got off track somehow…someway? You… and all the human race. Nobody’s life is perfect, as much as some people try to disguise their life as perfect…it isn’t! Everyone faces trials and tribulations, it is how we deal with them that forms our lives.

We all are on the quest to make our life perfect…trying to be the perfect wife and mother, I set out on the quest to make homemade bread. My father’s mother taught my mother to make bread, so I thought it was my duty as a daughter to carry on this tradition. Little did I know how much I would truly enjoy this art form. It is simply amazing what happens…during this four hour long process!
Think about it! It’s incredible! It’s almost the same as your life. You think I’m crazy, but have you ever made it yourself? You add a bit of quick-rise yeast and a little sugar to some hot water and let it rise in a bowl …almost like a fetus in the mother’s cozy womb…then you add the warm, risen yeast ball to the flour, salt, and shortening mixture and stir it all together…kind of like adding a baby to a family. You stir it all together to form a nice dough ball…which is finally your life, with your family, your community, your friends and everything that you need to make it in life.
After you wait quite a few minutes, you will notice that this dough ball raises right out of the mixing bowl. It is so full of life, but you have to push all the air out of this dough ball. Much the same as when we are faced with a horrible situation in our life. We get beat down…but after a year or two, we understand why these circumstances happened and we rise up again. Overcoming our hardship. Overcoming our deflated dreams and just like this dough ball we rise again.
Sadly, we beat the dough ball down another time…why? To make sure that the final product is delicious and fluffy…but just like our life, sometimes we don’t understand why we are getting beat down again. It’s unfair you might think. You may feel like you just can’t rise up again…you start to feel sorry for yourself. But don’t! If you just hang in there one last time, you are going to rise up again. I promise!
This is just the way that bread is made…this is just the way that God takes his loving hands to form you into the bread that he wants you to be. It might be hard to swallow right now, if you are going through some tough times, but if you just wait for your dough ball to raise one more time, it develops closer to the loaf of bread that it is made out to be. Just like your life. When you get beat down, that is God’s way of developing your character, your ideas, your heart…into what he made you to be in the first place.
We are all blessings to this world. We all have special things we can contribute, special abilities that only we might have. Are we all using these abilities to our best? Are we listening to what God tells us we should be doing with the gifts that he has given us? Or are we on the self-pity train? Feeling like you are the only one in the world that has difficulties or troubles? Do you look at others and wish you had a life like theirs? Not all bread is the same…we have to be happy with our kind of bread, and do our job of rising and forming our perfect dough ball.
Be patient and let your bread take shape…some bread takes longer to rise than others. Some bread-makers use the quick-rise yeast, others use the old fashion yeast. Either way, we have to do our part in taking in the sweet words of the bible and letting it put the air bubbles in our dough, just as is written in James 1:2-4, “Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations. Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience. But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have fully play and do a thorough work, so that you may be fully developed with no defects, lacking in nothing.”
We all hope that our bread rises to perfection…sure we might get beat down every now and then but that is what we need to finally be the blessing of homemade bread.  We might be a bit crusty on the outside, but inside we are sweet, soft, and exactly the way we were supposed to be…”with no defects”…a blessing to anyone who tastes our delicious final product! God’s final product…are you letting your dough ball take shape? Are you taking in the words of God to help you put the proper air in your dough ball? It’s never too late to let your yeast do the job it was made to do!

~Toby Hale

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