Dandelion Picker…

gram.JPGI know everyone thinks they have the best grandmother in the entire universe, but, I really did! She’s been living with the love-of-her-life now, for 15 years and I can’t wait to visit her again someday in heaven!
She was the poster child for a Proverb 31 Woman, and I am striving to be just like her. She is my vision of perfection when it comes to what we should be as a wife, mother and woman. She lived through the Great Depression, raised her siblings, went to Toronto Bible College where she had to pay her own way and then settled down to have a family of her own.
Not only did she accomplish all of this in the early 1900s; which if you have any idea of life in this time, is very impressive for a woman; she also did tremendous work in our little country community. She traveled around from home to home teaching the bible to different families, and she helped out at the Sunday School at our church. She was all about the children!
I don’t think I got to truly appreciate the depth of my grandmother. I loved her to the moon and back, but I didn’t get to sink my teeth into her as a person. I was blinded by the fact that she was my “Gram” and not the amazing woman that I see her as now!
I do have one childhood memory that will forever stick out in my mind. I have to admit, this is not the proudest of memories either, and I say this NOT because of my gram, but because of the way I was embarrassed about her. It was when I was 16, so please, picture the selfish teenager stage and then times it by three…and that was me. I tear up just thinking about how horrible I was, and to be embarrassed over your grandmother, but I have to admit it I was.
I was very fortunate to live across the road from my grandparents growing up, and this had its advantages and disadvantages. In my younger years, I loved it! I’d run to my grandparents when I didn’t get my way with my parents. It was a sweet deal! But as I got older, and into that selfish teenager stage, it was a hassle having your grandparents checking up on you all the time, when you wanted some freedom to be up to no good. Which I was!
I’d come home from school, driven by one of my friends, and there she would be…envision this…on her hands and knees picking DANDELIONS! Do you know how embarrassing it is for a 16 year old to explain to her friends, that her grandmother, who’s showing a bit of butt crack, is picking dandelions? Little did I know just how much this woman was sacrificing to make sure herself, and her future generations were going to be blessed by the power of our great creator!
She was picking these dandelions off her lawn in the heat of June. I had no idea how symbolic it would be to me years later, once I was educated in the bible. Now, to me, it was like she was picking the sin out of her family’s life. One by one, she was pulling it out by the root, not letting the seed spread any further. Probably with each yank, she was saying a prayer to God. As she plucked the yellow headed monster from the soil, she was trying to ensure that her family would be blessed by the generational blessing that she had studied in the bible. We all know the story about Abraham and who wouldn’t love to strive for the blessings that he received…even it meant you were picking weeds off your front lawn for all the world to see and slander.
Psalms 112:2 tells us that, “His descendants will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed.” Blessed, I have definitely been. I’ve also been a complete and utter brat to not fully understand her wisdom and her incredible ways. In my eyes I don’t deserve all the blessing that I have. For a time in my life, I didn’t have a heart that God would be proud of. I let evil into this sacred place, and take root.
Thankfully, I come from a family of great biblical roots. When my grandmother passed in 2001, I was drawn to this leather bound,  ringed school book that she used at Toronto Bible School. Today, this book sits proudly in a shelf in my prayer room. Her handwriting is like artwork, and her thoughts are forever etched on the yellowing pages, and in my heart. I am no longer that 16 year old brat, but rather, a 40 year old tremendously grateful woman, who just hopes that someday, she can pick the dandelions off her own lawn, to ensure that the legacy of her grandmother’s love for God and for her family will live on for generations to come. Thank you Gram for the best gift anyone can give a granddaughter…the gift of God!

~Toby Hale

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