Ring Rescue


I’m a lover of jewelry! What woman isn’t? I think it is on the double X chromosomes, to be attracted to sparkly objects. I’ve seen it in my daughter…since she could start to communicate with us, she was drawn to shiny things, and from the time she could talk, she expressed her love for sparkles! Now 12, even though she is a very sporty girl, she still loves jewelry…it must be in a woman’s DNA.
I have two very dear rings to me. One is my wedding ring and the other is my 10 year anniversary ring. I wear one proudly on each hand. On our trip last year to Florida, my husband and I were lucky enough to have an “us” day, while my parents took our children to Disney. We had our day all planned out, and first on the agenda was a work out for my husband, and I was going to lay around pool side, and get some sun on our last day there.
With a book in hand, I was in my happy place! Soaking up the sun, suddenly, to my complete surprise, I had a big hole in my ring, and noticeably two claws were missing. My diamond was gone!
I started to panic, but didn’t want to alarm my husband…so I searched endlessly for my diamond on the patio stones that surrounded the property. Retracing my steps with much anxiety, I had such a sinking feeling in my chest. I would have heard my diamond drop on the stones…I’m sure I would have. It’s nothing too extravagant but it is over a half of a karat. It must make a sound when it hits stone…I kept convincing myself this!
Now, I had to break the news to my husband…I didn’t want to interrupt his workout, so I tried to calmly sit on my lounge chair while I waited for him to finish, but I was going crazy in my mind trying to think of where it could have been lost. I was fighting back tears…I wore this ring on my finger for almost half of my life now…I felt sick to my stomach.
My husband and I searched the condo…with no luck. I know we patted every inch of the floors three times…I couldn’t hold back my pain any longer and tears streamed down my face. I lost my diamond, but being the incredible man my husband is, he tried to cheer me up and insured me we’d get it replaced. We had to make the best of our last day in Florida, so we moved on with our agenda, which was to hit the outlets to do some shopping.
While we were there, we thought we’d go in and check out how much it would be to replace my diamond…we wondered what would be cheaper, a new ring or a new diamond. When we were in one store, we found almost the mate to my wedding ring…and it was on sale 70% off…what luck! They insured us that we had 90 days to take it back, if by chance I found my diamond. It was a no-brainer, we had to buy this ring…it was going to be cheaper than paying to replace my diamond.
I happily put the ring on my finger…instead of .5 karat, I now had 1.5 karats…and for such a great price. We saved over $4000. This all definitely lifted my spirits. The Florida sun made this ring sparkle like nothing I’ve witnessed before…wait until my daughter saw this sparkle! Ironically, that same day, the band of my husband’s wedding band broke too…how crazy is this?
When the kids and my parents arrived home from Disney, we told them about our lucky day…or unlucky day…whatever way you want to look at it. Everyone marveled at my new ring, and my daughter piped up in all her 10 year old wisdom and said, “Your marriage is too strong for your rings to hold.” It kind of stopped me in my tracks. Such wise words coming from such a young heart. If she only knew how hard marriage is. How it is the toughest job you will ever do in your life. But, you know what? She’s right! My husband and I have been through a lot. Our marriage did outlast the rings! Now, that, is positive thinking!
Every marriage is difficult and stressful, but it is the way that we respond to what we are faced with. Nobody can stress you out but yourself, it’s your thoughts that effect your stress level…you can blame others, like your husband, if you don’t want to take responsibility for your half in the relationship, but, it will truly obstruct your growth as a person and your marriage. You have to learn to find the blessings in the pain that you might go through together as a couple, because once you understand why there is pain, you will understand the deeper meaning behind it.
There are so many great verses on forgiveness in the bible, but my favorite would have to be Matthew 6:14-15, “For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Forgiveness is the key to any relationship, and most importantly your relationship with God!
When I was packing to come home, guess what I found sparkling in the bottom of my carry-on bag? My diamond! How lucky am I? Not only did I get another sparkling ring, I could now take my original diamond to get fixed. I had to take the ring to the jeweler to get fixed, but marriage is easily fixed by following what God has made it to be.
Take the advice of my wise 10 year old…Be stronger than earthly things, be the supernatural…I know I couldn’t have made it to this point in my marriage if it wasn’t for the supernatural powers of God! Trust in his word, forgive and forget, and watch the blessings unfold twofold, like my 1.5 karat, as you are an obedient child of the most amazing supernatural there is!

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