Detention Disaster


Detention…doesn’t the word just make you cringe? Have you ever been in detention? I was once, as a high school student, because I decided to leave school on “National Jig Day”. Have you ever heard of it? I don’t know if the day even exists…Honestly, I’m not sure.
I explained to my parents weeks before that I was leaving school on this particular day. I tried begging to convince them that they should write me a note to excuse me from school for some reason or other on this day…I had about 40 different examples…I’m sure I came up with a new one every day. Do you think they would lie for me? Absolutely not! Thus, I had to take the punishment of spending 30 minutes in detention at lunch time the day school day to pay for my crime.
Was the payment so bad? Not really…it was definitely worth leaving the school with my friends on a nice hot June day and enjoying life as a teenager with all my besties. This was really as wild as I got…you can tell that my parents are two of high moral standards, because I am sure many other parents would have wrote a note to the school with a fictitious reason for leaving the school with their friends. But not mine, and they didn’t approve, and they were not going have me dictate to them what to do. They did however, leave the choice in my hands. They also told me that if I was punished that they wouldn’t be supporting me in any way.
At the time, I thought my parents were so square…why couldn’t they be “HIP” like other parents in my school? Their famous last words were, “We are not so-and-so’s parents, we are your parents!” Did you ever hear that line before? Grrrrrr, it makes my blood boil just reminiscing about it! But now being a parent myself, I would have done the exact same thing…only I would have also probably punished my children for skipping school without a valid excuse. We can’t skip work for the day, just because we feel like hanging out with our friends…well, some adults might, but my husband and I are definitely trying to show our children what makes you a successful person.
My mind wondered even more when I was studying chapter 21 in the book of Job…WOW is all I have to say! I kept re-reading the words over and over again. Do I understand this properly?
Am I ever glad that my parents were teaching me not to lie to my teachers! I’m even more thrilled that I come from a Christian home, and have parents that try themselves to be good people. Luckily for me, I have wonderful parents that are trying to teach me to live by the Ten Commandments, and by all of God’s word. It says in Job 21:19, “’Well,’ you say, ‘at least God will punish their children!’ But I say he should punish the ones who sin, so that they understand his judgment.” Does God really punish the children of evil people, of non-Christians? This is what I am understanding as I read this chapter. It makes me shudder just at the thought that this might actually happen!
I agree that the people that do the wrong should feel the punishment, like I did with skipping school that day. I would not want my children to get punished for the wrongs that I committed. I guess that probes me to live by the word of the Bible even more. I would die for my children, and I don’t want them feeling the wrath of God’s anger with me.
Detention doesn’t sound so bad now does it? Beats the punishment that God has set aside for those people that don’t live by his word. Having a generational detention is almost unfathomable. God is such a forgiving spirit. I can’t wrap my brain around today’s reading…but I am not doubting that if he said it, that he definitely does it.
I took my risk on “National Jig Day” even though I didn’t have the support of my father, and I knew that I would have to face the punishment that was handed to me at school. This punishment, that our Father in Heaven promises, is much harsher than my earthly father’s punishment, and I am definitely not going to risk this one. I will live by God’s word, so that generations that follow me may be blessed…just like my father, and my grandmother did. I’m sure they sacrificed many temptations to ensure that I wasn’t in harm’s way. We all want to give into our fleshly desires…but when it is put this way…I think I will stay in school, and forfeit the fun with my friends to ensure my children don’t get a detention because of my behavior. Generational Detention is not going to happen in this household!

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