Hide and Go See


Don’t you just love watching kids when they first learn to play Hide and Go Seek? They think that as long as they can’t see you, you can’t see them. They cover their eyes with their hands and giggle…like they are invisible from the world. It’s darkness to them, so they must not be seen by anyone. They really think they have a super power of invisibility, just like their heroes on TV. It’s very endearing! I miss these days with my children.
I used to love the giggles and how still they would stand, with their hands over their eyes, barely moving a muscle…just waiting for their inevitable reveal. It was a good half hour of delightful entertainment. Sadly, these children eventually grow out of this absolutely adorable stage, and understand that just because they can’t see you, you still remain. It’s a cute age, but gladly it is just a stage.
Adults are really no different. Some think they have super hero powers too. Just like three and four year olds we cover our eyes with our hands, and think that if nobody sees it happening, then we are scot-free…Off the hook…Good to go…Super powers are in full force… Are we really though?
Just because your spouse doesn’t know that you are having secret feelings for someone else, does that mean that it’s ok? Just because you took a few dollars from work and nobody was around to witness it, does that mean that it’s ok? Maybe you are constantly lying to your friends about something, and think it is just a white lie, and you are not harming anyone, does that make it right? Whatever it is, and you had no witnesses, if it is a sin…it is a sin. No super hero powers can save you from that. Cover your eyes all you want, the fact remains that a sin has been committed.
Studying Job 24, it was interesting to learn that Job’s friends felt that he deserved his misfortune. That he must have done something to deserve his punishment. Was this true? No…and Job knew it. He reminded his friends that God’s judgments aren’t always visible either. Job 24:13, “There are those who rebel against the light, who are not acquainted with its way and do not stay in its paths.”
Just like those three and four year olds, covering their eyes to make darkness, we create our own darkness. Are we that juvenile in our thinking that a grown adult brain can think that if it is not caught, then we are not going to suffer the consequences of our actions. If we ignore it, it will go away. Are you that naive? No matter who else knows, or sees, the great divine leader sees. He knows we are going to commit the sin before we even know it…or at least he is going to test us with the sin.
Temptation is a sweet thing, and we’ve all been guilty of bowing into temptation. But, next time that temptation comes your way, try remembering that you can give in to your flesh and enjoy a little sinful action, covering your eyes with your hands and think nobody will know. Super hero powers to the rescue…right?
We all know the truth, and that is that someone can still see you. It might not be your spouse, your boss, or your friend…but someone more important…the great creator. Is it worth the risk? Open your eyes and make the right choice next time you try and play Hide and Go See with the Lord our God. Remember there is only one real super hero in this world, and he will be very proud of you if you pass his test. Just like Job, you will be rewarded for your great decision making…somehow, some way!

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