Storage Box

shelfAre you a person who hates to throw things away? I am the farthest thing from this! I am definitely a minimalist! My rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in a year, chances are, you will never use it. I did have these special storage boxes that I had for many, many years, but kept for some strange reason.
One Christmas, I was given these little storage boxes as a gift from a neighbor. She knew I loved organizing and found me the coolest storage boxes. They were the neatest little storage boxes! They were collapsible, plastic that just snapped together at all the corners, and the snaps were very decorative to the appearance of the box. I had never seen anything like them before.
After Christmas I formed and snapped the boxes in place and couldn’t really find a place for them in my home. For years I stacked them in a corner of my basement. Empty. For some reason I couldn’t find it in my heart to get rid of these interesting little boxes, even though they remained empty, with their destination unfulfilled for years.
Then one year, we finished a room in the basement for my son’s bedroom and I converted his little bedroom upstairs into a prayer room for myself. As I was designing the room, I placed shelves on one entire wall, and thought to myself…now, what should I put on these shelves? Books of course, and decorations, but then I remembered these cool, decorative storage boxes. I went down to the basement to dig them out and to finally give them a home.
For years these boxes had no purpose. A decade went by where they collected dust in my basement. Empty. It was very symbolic for me to place these boxes in my prayer room…to be display with great pride. How would an empty little storage box be symbolic, you might ask? Years went by in my own life where I was really just an empty box. Not collecting dust, but definitely collecting my list of sinful behavior. Living for the flesh, not for the spirit, until one day, when my eyes were opened by a life altering event in my life. Through my research on this event, God lead me back to his loving arms, and wanted me to trust that he would fix everything. Which he did! He fixed it and also gave me much, much more.
As I read the book of Job, I realize that God can take an important part our lives which you are very confident of, and let it unravel right before our eyes, as a test. Job 24:12, “There are those who reject the light; they don’t understand it or go where it leads” (GNT). How are we going to handle the situation? Are we going to let our flesh take over, or are we going to turn to him as our light? Are we even going to believe that he can help or are we going to try and fix our problems ourselves?
In my situation, it was through a miracle that my reading and research lead me straight to him. He used my test to teach me just how empty my life really was, just like my storage boxes. Until I started developing a relationship with our beloved God, I had no idea how empty my life was. We all can learn a great deal from the book of Job, and realize that if we just wait out the test that God has given us and lean on him for support, he will bless us more than you could ever imagine.
Now, not only did I pass the test, I am greatly rewarded. Not by earthly rewards, but because now I have a relationship with God. A personal relationship that tops all earthly relationships! An indescribable feeling of love and affection, which only comes when we can feel the love that is sent out to us through forming a relationship with God. Just like forming my storage boxes, snapping each corner together, I formed myself in God’s image, trying to be what God has made me to be…and it’s nowhere close to being an empty box!

~Toby Hale

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