Running “Reality”


I love the outdoors!  If I add running to the equation, I am in my happy place. Winter or summer, I love to run outside. A treadmill is Chinese Torture to me. I feel it defeats the entire purpose of running. To me running is to get fresh air, enjoy the smells of the great outdoors and get a good bout of stress relief with every pounding step. It’s invigorating.

It is difficult sometimes running in the winter, especially whenever there is just a light dusting of snow. You can’t see where the road is dry or where there might be some underlying ice.

One day I was out for a run and there was a beautiful shower of light snowflakes. I was loving the temperature and the fresh crisp air. The more that I ran, the more the snow slowly accumulated and near the end of my run I was slipping and sliding on the ice below me. I must have looked like one of those cartoon characters that just slipped on the banana peel, my arms frantically flailing in attempts to regain my balance. I was a gymnast for ten years, so balance is embedded in my memory and it is rare that I ever feel like I am going to fall. I’m kind of like a cat that way.

At one point however, it did run through my mind. “I am going to fall!” I heard a little voice saying in my head. Instantly, I turned my thought around. “I am going to stand firmly on my own two feet!” I corrected myself from those horrible negative thoughts that popped up in my head unwilling to me.

Even though I have tons of confidence when it comes to balance, my confidence was shaken for a moment in time during this one run. I lived on a four inch beam for a fourth of my life doing skills that require no hands and landing back on my feet again, how could a little snow-covered ice make me feel insecure?

That is what humans do…they let insecure feelings take over their minds and let doubt ruin their good intentions. Instead of blasting out negativity, we let it fester and grow. I even caught myself doubting my own balance. I kind of wonder what would have happened if I let the thought that I was going to fall dominate my mind. Would I have fallen on the hidden ice that day? Would I have hurt myself? I guess I will never know if I would have fallen, because I am training my brain to kick negative thoughts out of my mind as quickly as they come in and replace them with repeating to myself the opposite, positive thoughts at least three times.

I am sure the guy that I met walking his dog who over heard me chanting to myself, “I am staying on my feet…I am staying on my feet…I am staying on my feet…” thought I was crazy, but honestly, I didn’t care. I was focusing on what I wanted, and at that time, I wanted to stay on my feet! I was going to reach my running destination without falling and hurting myself on the ice covered road.

There are many people who think positive thinking is crazy. My husband being one of them. Each time I point out his negativity he defends himself as not being negative, rather he prefers to call it “reality”. My reality is that you have to first dream of it to make it a reality. Many things that now exist was once just a figment of a person’s imagination…their positive thinking. Was it reality at the time? Absolutely not. Then what they thought of was brought to life and is now a reality. What you want to exist for yourself must be first imagined, or thought of. You have to start somewhere.

Being a huge believer in the power of God and his word, I know that if I stay positive he will work things in my favor, because he ensures us, in Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.” He tells us himself, that we can all do far more than what we can ever ask for, or even think of if we have the power of God in us. Why then do we ever doubt ourselves?

Jump off that Doubt Train today, and chase after all those big dreams that you have. The only thing holding you from reaching your goals is the thoughts in your head…the “reality” that some people might see.  Don’t let anyone sway your from your goal.  Knock any negativity out of your head!

Sure there might be ice under your feet throwing you off balance from time to time…and there may be that onlooker thinking you are crazy, but who cares! Maybe even loved ones that would prefer to stay in “reality” and not feel the power of the believer, but that is their loss. I’m a believer and I know I will fill my destiny, one step at a time, reminding myself, “I will stay firmly on my own two feet!”…I’m a step closer every day to my dream that I want to be a reality. What is your dream…how are you going to reach your destination? Are you a believer or a “realist”?


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