Baseball Blessings

ballBeing the end of February, I have to say that I cannot wait for baseball season to start! Our family loves baseball! It’s in every one of us! Both sides of my children’s Family Trees, are lovers of the sport in some sense or another, and it’s become a huge part of our lives. Even in the winter months, we are still talking ball. It’s who we are!

My husband went to many National Championships and Canada Games for the sport and was coached by his father…also known in this house as “Poppa Key-Key”. He’s an incredible 75 year old, who when you meet him, he seems only to be about 50 because he’s so spunky, full-of-life and comical! I met him for the first time 18 years ago, and he hasn’t aged a year since I first met him.

Now, Poppa is coaching my son, with his son. How amazing is that? In the heat of the summer, he is at the baseball field up to 4 days a week. Braving the heat and elements to donate his 70 plus years of knowledge of this sport to the kids that are six decades younger than him. And the boys LOVE him! How could they not? He’s entertaining, a ball of fun, and knows more about baseball, then the entire group of 12 fourteen year olds. I’m sure my husband is learning loads from him too, even though he might not admit to it!

To me, it touches my heart to the core and there is nothing better than watching my son at home plate, his grandfather waiting for him at first base to coach him around the bases, and his father on third to coach him home! It is the most wonderful site to see.
I realize, a big part of me, loving this picture is because I adore each one of these men to the end of the earth. But think about it! Where else do we have a Father and Son cheering us on? Coaching us from base to base, making sure we get home safe. Trying to score a run for our team.

That is what we need to get through this world successfully! We are at the bat having many hard balls thrown directly at us! Sometimes we may strike out, sometimes we may hit our home-run. Some days we only get a base hit, but waiting for us there, is our loved ones, and watching over us is our Great Father, Son and Holy Spirit, edging us on. Trying to guide us, if we’d just listen.

We might be able to steal second base, if we have the confidence in our great leaders who are our eyes for us, while we are looking straight at our goal. Be obedient to their lead…trust that they know what they are doing. Keep our faith in their knowledge of the sport and their strength. It’s a hard thing to do, because sometime we have our own ergs to make choices and decisions on our own.

If sometimes, my son doesn’t listen to his coaches’ directions, they are both there to lovingly pick him up and dust the dirt off him and they are very forgiving to him for not trusting them. Of course they hope that he learned his lesson from trusting his own instincts, and not listening to them.  They hope that he will trust them to guide him the next time he gets on base, but in the end it’s his choice.

We all have to learn to trust in our Heavenly Coach, waiting for us to make it to our next base in life. Trying to get home without getting called out by the umpire is difficult, and without his help, it is risky. We might make it alone, but why take the chance? If we listen to our Heavenly Father on third base, standing strong, waiting for us to round third, we will easily get the arm rolling motion to hurry to home plate! Hustle to our destiny! Slide in to our home plate! Score the winning run!

It is told to us in Exodus 15:2, “The LORD is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” We all need strong defense to win any game…whether it is a game of baseball, or the game of life.

What are you waiting for? Grab that bat of life, step up to home plate, look at your two base coaches, and realize with them on your team you have the game in the bag!  Just listen to their direction, use them for your defense and wait for the big arm wave from your third base coach, guiding you safely home to victory! It’s a feeling that you will never forget!


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