Signs and Symptoms

signI think I have the most incredible son, which every mother thinks, I know! He’s so fascinating though! He was a hard baby. Looking back I know he was colicky, but I never wanted to admit it. I saw the signs, but avoided them at the time. How many mothers do that right? We want the perfect baby, not a colicky one—but having flashbacks of myself sleeping upright in the bed with him asleep on my chest was a big red flag. How could I miss that one?

I missed this sign, and many others when it comes to parenting. I read many, many, many parenting books, but nothing prepares you for reality.

My son now misses signs too. I sometimes get frustrated with him. He doesn’t get some basic social cues. The one that probably frustrates me the most is, if someone’s eyes are shut, they are probably sleeping. I’ve been trying for 13 years to instill this in him, and I am not giving up. Someday, he will remember this if it is the last thing I teach him!

Just today, he knocked on my prayer room door, peeped his head in and flashed me his handsome smile, and his eyes lit up seeing me.  Frustrated, but lovingly, I had to remind him that if my door is closed that means I’m meditating. He didn’t listen to me, and barged right over to where I was sitting and explained that he was just wanting a kiss—of course, I paused my meditation to fulfill his wish. Who could turn that down? But, he still missed the signal of the closed door.

He is a super smart boy, and enjoys educating himself. He’ll bring home tests and explain to me that he made a bunch of careless mistakes again, and every time I remind him he has to take his time, but again, it is one of those cues that he struggles with.

It’s not just him that struggles with seeing signs. We are all very guilty of it. Sometimes we miss the signs of our loved ones wanting more of our attention. Sometimes we miss when a friend is in need.  Maybe we are getting ourselves in financial troubles, and ignoring these signs.  We could be missing the signs that our bodies aren’t functioning the way they should. Being in our 40s, we are starting to have friends that have 80% blockages in their hearts, and tell me they didn’t have signs of that before they take their first heart attack? Sadly, we all see signs and ignore them.

After my son interrupted my meditation, and I was studying the book of Numbers all in the same morning, it hit me! Numbers 14:11, really jumped out at me, “The Lord said to Moses, “How long will these people treat me with contempt? How long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the signs I have performed among them?”

How many times have you missed the signs that God was sending you? How many blessings have you missed out on because you didn’t recognize his signs? When we don’t recognize these signs, and decide to do things our way, he allows us to wander, and sometimes into very dangerous waters. While we are wandering, we are missing out on blessings that he had in store for us.

The good news is, just like I’m never giving up on my son, he never gives up on us, and he will keep dishing out those signs until we finally take notice. Sometimes we might have to hit rock bottom in an area of our lives before we realize this. Just like our friends who have 80% blockages in their hearts, or myself who had to witness an area of her life bottom out before she realized the blessings she was missing out on.

It is my wish that nobody has to go through the pain to get to the pleasure that awaits all of us. Open your eyes, ears, minds and hearts now to the signs he is sending you and save yourself the trouble. Start your relationship with God and witness the many blessings he has for you. Look for the signs, they are all around you! If you give your troubles to God, you will be triumphant!