Ignoring Our Whispers

Did you ever have that feeling like you are invisible? You talk, talk, talk but nobody is listening. Or you try so hard to get through to people and they just don’t learn? I have a classroom with a handful of children like this. Some days I feel like my own children don’t want to listen to me. How many times do you tell your husband a story and he doesn’t listen. I have this one gymnast that I have been working on correcting her sickle feet on beam, and it’s going on 6 years and she still turns her foot in. Is it just me that nobody listens to or does this happen to other people?

I love all of my jobs! There is nothing better than being a mom! I love being a teacher and a gymnastics coach! Even being a wife has its rewards, I am a person who enjoys doting on my husband and children it makes me feel good. Each of these jobs can get very frustrating by times especially when you feel like you are talking to the walls. I know that every one of these people don’t set out in the morning to ignore me. They don’t purposely strive to irritate me, but when you try hard to make a difference, and people don’t seem to listen, it is a frustrating situation.

I’m guilty of being one of these people too. Ask my mom, my coaches and even my husband. I know we all can be guilty of not doing what people ask of us, or what we think others expect us to do. It’s human nature, but out of all the important things that we do, we have to learn to listen to what the Divine is whispering to us.

I know some people don’t think that God is talking to them, but if you listen close enough he talks to everyone of us. Where do you think those thoughts that pop in to your mind come from? Your inner thoughts. Those that you keep thinking over and over again, for no apparent reason. It is our inner souls trying to reach out to us. It’s the Great Divine trying to form our destinies. We can choose to ignore these signals, and thoughts, or we can investigate them and listen to them and see what happens.

We have to be open to these thoughts. Ready to roll with the punches and have trust in what our inner souls are whispering in our thoughts. Sure, we sometimes have those thoughts that aren’t what we should be thinking, things that we know are definitely wrong. We have to ignore those thoughts are listen to the inner self that knows right from wrong.

When our inner soul is trying to connect to us and we are ignoring it, it will even try to come to us in our dreams. You might feel that what has been haunting your thoughts during the day is now haunting your dreams at night. God tries to reach us whatever way he can. As I study Job, I love learning the lessons in this chapter.  Job 33:14-16 tells us, “Although God speaks again and again, no one pays attention to what he says. At night when people are asleep, God speaks in dreams and visions. He makes them listen to what he says and they are frightened at his warnings.”

Has this ever happened to you? That haunting thought that you are being whispered in your mind, then the same thing comes to you in a dream. Listen to it! It is your inner soul trying to reach out to you. Trying to help create your destiny. Trying to form you into the person that you are destine to become. Try listening to it, and see where it takes you. You just might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Nobody likes talking when nobody is listening. God is no different. Don’t make the mistake to ignore what is trying to be taught to you. Take the time to sit alone with your thoughts and see what you hear. It will amaze you just what you are being told to do, and just what you haven’t been listening to for many years!