Treat Friday

treatThe school that I work at has a very nice idea that the Wellness Committee started before I started working there, called “Treat Friday”. Every week different individuals bring in different dips, crackers, breads, baked goods, etc., for everyone on staff. It is a very nice idea for the staff to share with each other their favorite things, and who doesn’t love getting a new recipe or idea? It’s also a nice way to boost moral within the staff.

I started doing Treat Friday at home too. After my determination to become a better wife, I thought, why not collect treats over the week when I am out and about shopping for some of my husband’s favorite treats. Some weeks he will even mention items that we haven’t had for a long time, and I will quickly jot that in the notes of my phone for future reference—my brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

I gather up these treats and hide them until I come home for lunch on Friday. Then I pack it all into a gift bag and leave it on our kitchen table for him to find when he comes home for his lunch. I was buying a card at first, but that can get expensive, so now, I make homemade cards out of construction paper. I have always loved reading greeting cards, but find them such a waste of money. Now, I find one that I like and take a mental image of it, and create something like it on paper to accompany the gift bag.  Plus, anything homemade is more endearing than something bought, right?

Honestly, this bag is really just things that I would probably purchase for goodies to have on hand anyway, but it is usually his favorite things. Dry roasted peanuts, pistachios, trail mix, black licorice, Swedish Berries, stuffed olives, flavored coffee, Hickory Sticks, and the list goes on. Plus, I might add in a item I know he needs, like squash balls, or socks. Sometimes I might include a bigger item if I stumble across something that I know he needs. Now that winter is over, I’m watching for new summer shirts for him, and those will probably land in his bag.

It is all things that I would be buying anyway, I just gather the items throughout the week and stuff a gift bag on Friday and leave to surprise him. Who doesn’t love getting a gift right? Who doesn’t enjoy seeing what is on the inside of a present. It is an effortless way to brighten anyone’s day!

My children wonder why they don’t get to benefit from Treat Friday, and I explain that I do many things for them all week long, but Dad sometimes gets lost in the business of my life, and I want him to realize that he means the most to me. Without him, our family isn’t complete, and I want him to recognize just how appreciative I am to have a hardworking, family loving husband like him. They are at the age that they understand these points, but still they would love “Treat Friday”.

Since their communication with me about Treat Friday, some days I will leave my children a little treat, but nothing like the big gift bag that I leave their father. I want them to understand that we should treat the people in our family with love and respect, especially their spouse. I want my kids to realize that your spouse should be our top priority, because without your spouse your entire family circle is broken.  I also want to teach them that we have to work at our marriage and make an effort to show the people that we love how much they mean to us.

Again, I am going to site quotes from my favorite book…the book of Proverbs. Proverbs 12:4 is a great one, and I have been very guilty of chipping away at my husband’s bones, “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” Or, another favorite of mine, that I try to remember is, Proverbs 19:14, “Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.” Many times, I’ve not been very prudent. Crazy, yes! Judgmental, absolutely! Bitter—my middle name! Nagging is my profession!  Prudent? I definitely missed the mark on that adjective!

I am a work in progress. It’s been over a year that I ventured on this path of becoming a better wife, but I see the transformation in my home, my children, and of course my husband. How many of us take the people we love the most for granted? How many of us talk to our spouses with contempt and resentment, instead of love and adoration? Are you putting your husband or wife on the back burner while your busy life passes you by? I was, but not anymore! He is my top priority. Try making your husband your number one priority and hopefully you will see the differences I have!

Treat Friday is an easy way of shopping and making your husband feel great, all at the same time! It needs little to no planning, and is very cost efficient. You would be buying the items probably, anyway. It just means gathering items and strategically timing their placement in his life to surprise him, wrapped in a pretty gift bag. I even reuse my gift bag every Friday. Then you can enjoy your Friday evening with your husband and his snacks! Have fun and good luck!