Pillow Talk

Have you ever made an impulse buy? You saw something that you were drawn to, and didn’t need it but something told you that you have to have it? You are going to think I’m crazy, but one day, in early spring of 2015, I bought a throw pillow that was $50…that’s how impulsive I am! Was it gold lined? No, it was a plain white pillow about 12”x15”. Yes! That small!

It was the design on the front that grabbed me. It was an infinity sign embroidered in sequence with the word ‘love’ as part of the infinity sign. For some crazy reason, I had to have this pillow. It didn’t match my bedroom, or any other room in my house. I had no real idea what I was going to do with this pillow but I had to have it.

The pillow sat in my bedroom closet for months. I’d see it in its “Bed Bath and Beyond” bag, and think, what should I do with this pillow? Then, I thought maybe I would re-do my bedroom. Give it a makeover and finally be able to use this pillow. But, the pillow is white with silver sequence…did I really want to go with this motif? I have two children…a white pillow has ‘disaster-waiting-to-happen’ written all over it! I have to be honest with myself and fair to my kids.

What are my other options? Can I take the little piece of fluff back months later? Will I ever hunt down the receipt? Then I got mad at myself. I could have bought myself a nice sweater for that price. Why would I waste money on this crazy, dwarf sized pillow? Why? Have I no self-control what-so-ever?

More months pass, and as they do, I stogged the pillow up on the top shelf of my closet organizer so that it is out of sight and out of mind. I was getting upset every time I saw the silly little thing. It was a constant reminder of my horrible shopping habits and the lack of self-discipline that I have. How could I be so impulsive? What am I ever going to do with this dumb pillow now?

In November of 2015, we decide to build a bedroom in the basement for my son, and when he moved into his new room, we had an empty room on the main floor of our house. Nothing very big, but I decided that I was going to make a prayer room out of it, and use his old closet as a big storage closet. I love to organize so I hit the department store for some more binge shopping…I’m thinking I might honestly have a problem! All joking aside, I buy many plastic drawer containers, big baskets and some sealable containers and hit my house in quest to de-clutter and organize the rest of my home.

To my surprise, guess what comes back to haunt me? Yes…this crazy pillow, that one day had talked me into buying it! This time it talked to me AGAIN! “Hello, Dumb-Dumb! Put me in the chair in your prayer room. What is more symbolic than an infinity sign with love written through it than God’s love for us?”

Oh! My! Goodness! You know what? This pillow is smarter than me! It obviously knew that I was going to make myself a prayer room and wanted it for its home. Sometimes, we do things and have no reason for doing it. From buying a pillow, to maybe accepting a new job, or going out on a date with someone you never imagined yourself with, only to end up marrying this person. The decisions we make all have a purpose. You might not understand at the first why it happened. Maybe you get mad at yourself and think it was such a wrong choice, only to discover, months, or years later what its purpose really was for. Just like my adorable pillow that I love in my prayer room! It had a purpose, I just had to be patient and wait for the making of my prayer room.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 explains it as clear as day, “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses” (GNT)…don’t beat yourself up about it, like I did with the pillow. Be patient and wait, and some day, you will understand. You might even realize that you don’t have a shopping problem at all…well…maybe I’m stretching it a little, but be patient and your pillow might end up talking to you too!