Jewelry Box

Have you ever heard of Regal Gifts? It is a catalogue order with many different cool gift ideas in it. When I was younger, I used to love Regal. I was from a remote country area, that was a 15 minute drive to the nearest town, and the town wasn’t that big either. Our choices of shopping were very, very limited!

One Christmas, I wanted a jewelry box from this catalogue, and it was on the top of my wish list for my grandmother. The question was will I get it?

My grandmother was amazing! She lived through the Great Depression and helped raise her brothers and sisters along with then having her own family. She was the Proverbs 31 Woman to the tea. Now, that I’m older and reflect back on her, and all that she did, she amazes me even more!

This lady knew how to “waste-not-want-not”! It was incredible the great lengths that she went through to make sure she was making the most out of what she was given. She would sit at night by a dim light and patiently take the string out of garments that she wasn’t wearing anymore, before they became rags…just in case she would ever need that color string again. She washed out her milk bags to reuse them. Buttons…this lady had millions of buttons. Hole in your sock…no fret…gram was on the mending detail, and voila, just like new…besides the big clumpy part that she mended that laid under the ball of your big toe…did she have any idea how uncomfortable this was?

Christmas slowly approached and I was just hoping and praying that she would splurge and purchase me this jewelry box. What was so special about it? It was the coolest thing on the market. When you opened the lid of the jewelry box, in the center was a mirrored square and you put the ballerina on the mirror, wind up the jewelry box and she would dance around on the mirror. Obviously magnet propelled, pulling her around on her point shoes. I just thought it was magnificent.

My grandmother was the best a keeping secrets and I was bursting with anticipation, pestering her every day, when I went for my daily jaunt across the road to visit her and have a homemade treat. Nobody could cook like my gram either…delicious is all I have to say!

Finally, the day came and I got to open the gift and before my eyes was the jewelry box that looked exactly like the picture in the Regal catalogue. I was so thrilled. I wound that box in amazement every day. Stared at the beautiful ballerina for hours on end. Eventually the novelty of her wore off and I would play with her about once a week when my mother made me dust my room. I would still be in awe of her marvel.

Months passed by, and summer came, no time for playing with this jewelry box now. I would still dust my room, but I was in a hurry to get back in our pool, so it was dust and run. Then I hit my university years, and I left my jewelry box behind in my bedroom in my homestead. I only got to see the box now every six months or so. After university, it was hit the real world, and I moved out of my parents home to live with my husband and start my own life with him.

This jewelry box adventure is very similar to that with my walk with God. When I was younger, I was in awe with him, loved to hear bible stories and learn about him. Then like when the summer hit, my teenage life, I would spend time with him when it was appropriate for me. My university years…geeze, I totally deserted him, just like the jewelry box. Then when I got married, I left God with my mom and dad, knowing that if I ever wanted that jewelry box it was there to go and retrieve. I’m just glad that I had my seed of life planted when I was younger by my grandmother and my mother!

In Mark 4:14-15, Jesus explains about his seed parable… “The farmer is like a person who plants God’s message in people. Sometimes the teaching falls on the road.”
Sadly, I fell off the road. Thank goodness he isn’t as delicate like my jewelry box, and he forgave me when I came running back to his loving arms. Neglected for years, but now, he is using me in ways I never dreamed he would. I’m obsessed with him! Have you fallen on the road and your seed isn’t taking root? Trust me, let the wind blow you in the right direction and your life in God will take root, and then you will be blessed like you’ve never been blessed before!