Faithful Fertilizer

This year we are very fortunate to have such an early spring!  It’s invigorating having the dirty snow disappear and see little green sprouts of spring flowers pushing their noses through the winter kill.  So invigorating that I started to clean my front flower bed!

It’s amazingly uplifting when you dig all the dead leaves out of your flower beds and clean up the garbage the remains after the winter’s chill devours their beauty.  These flowers that once stood bright and beautiful in all their glory and are now brown, lifeless compost that is smothering the new growth that lays invisible under the soil.  Yet, through that dingy overlay, some vibrant green peeks out through, even though they are swallowed by the dead flowers of what once was.  It’s such a miracle if you think about it!

Did you ever feel like this?  Like you once had something beautiful in your world, but now it is covered up by the lifeless compost and is smother the beauty of what once was.  Maybe it is your marriage, or your disappointment in a child or parent.  Could it be that a friendship that once was a huge part of your life has come to an end?  Did you lose a love one, and your world feels lifeless without this person?  Are you trying to fight an addiction of some sort and your life is falling apart at the seams but you just can’t seem to get it together?  Are you fighting depression or anxiety issues and it’s consuming your world?

Whatever your struggle or trial is right now, look at it like my flower bed.  Sure, it looks dead to the naked eye.  Sure you might think that the nasty frost of winter has killed the magnificence of what once was incredibly beautiful and made your life complete.  All this dead, dingy overlay is smothering the elegance of once existed and now you are lost in a pile of brown, crinkled leaves.

Trust me.  Even if you might not see the vibrant green that is growing beneath the soil, there really is new life under there.  It might feel like you can’t remove all the gunk that smothers you and your emotional well-being at the moment, but your life will turn around and sprout out the most incredible blossoms you have ever seen.

First, however, you do have to start picking away at cleaning out your flower bed.  You have to start to peel the dehydrated, mutilated remains off of the soil and give it some air and sunlight.  Just like your life.  Remove the negativity, and focus on the things that make you happy—give yourself some air and bask in the things that make you radiate.

Remove the old dried out mulch, and add a bit of fertilizer to your soil.  If it is your marriage you are struggling with, start thinking back to the days you were head over heels about your chosen one.  Start fertilizing your marriage with prayer and the Bible has some great teaching on what marriage was originally for.  If it’s depression you are struggling with, fertilize your life with exercise and try meditating on God’s word because he has a purpose for your life, and if you read his word, he will talk to you and comfort you.   Whatever your struggle come up with a fertilizing plan, and spend some time in prayer and in God’s word.

Don’t forget to replace the mulch to make your flower bed, and that might mean making changes in your life that you are uncomfortable with.  Maybe you have to remove the negative people in your life.  Maybe you have to develop a new friend circle to stay away from drugs or alcohol.  Whatever the changes you need to make, trust your instincts.  Once you fill your flowerbed with new mulch it will add that finishing touch to your flower bed and make it that much more complete.

In Isaiah 43:18-19 it teaches us, “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Eventually, once you let God clean out your flowerbed of life, he will make a way for your life to be all you imagined it to be.  Add some fertilizer, and new mulch, and the flowers you’ve been praying for will start popping their invisible heads up everywhere, craving more sunlight so they can start to photosynthesize and bless you with all that belongs to you.  Just like your life—you will notice little changes, and growths in your world and soon you will realize that it was just a season that you had to go through to grow and become the person that you were meant to be.

Once time progresses, you will be in full blossom and more vibrant and beautiful than ever.  You will then understand why you had to experience that horrible wrath of winter.  Now life couldn’t be any better!  Once you add God’s word as your fertilizer, replace the old mulch with new and let his light energize your photosynthesis, you will blossom into the divine being that he has designed you to be!  I promise!