Stubborn Spirit

I love each of my children equally, but sometimes there are certain characteristics about one child that you wish you could change.  Something that you might feel is going to hold them back in this grand game we call Life.  It’s hard to see them on a path that is going to be detrimental to their overall development, but sometimes there is nothing we can do.

For my daughter, that would be being stubborn.  She is an incredible child but sometimes she has a tendency to think that she knows it all, especially when it comes to gymnastics.  This makes her difficult to coach, because when you give her a correction, she will tell you, “I know.”  Or, the worst is when she argues with a correction that I tell her.

I could look at it as she is sensitive and takes corrections personally, which could be the case too, but either way, she bucks change and feels her way is the right way.

As I was reading Acts 19 this morning verse 9 really popped out at me.  It says, “But when some became stubborn and continued in unbelief, speaking evil of the Way before the congregation, he withdrew from them and took the disciples with him, reasoning daily in the hall of Tyrannus.”  Why would this pop out at me?

Paul was travelling around trying to change people’s thoughts on Jesus Christ.  He was performing many miracles and Asia was starting to witness his power through the Lord Jesus Christ and also trying to persuade them on the kingdom of God.  This went on for two years where some were accepting the wisdom of God and some were not.

We all have the wisdom of God inside of us.  It is that soft still voice that we hear if we are quiet and willing to listen.  It will direct us to do good and to be wise and loving in any situation.  We can be stubborn and ignore this voice—or be like my daughter and not want to be corrected because we think we understand it or “know” the way.

The great thing about being human is that we have the freedom of choice.  God cannot make us make the right choice, or he cannot make us listen to him.  We have the freedom to do whatever we feel is best.  He has also given us the choice to believe in our word.

Though it took my daughter many years, she is slowly learning that maybe it would be in her best interest to start listening to her coaches.  Since she changed her attitude on this, she is watching her overall score slowly rise to a place she never dreamed she would reach.  Just like her, if you give listening to the coaching of our Lord, you will reach places that you never dreamed you would reach!

I truly believe that people will mature spiritually, just like my daughter is maturing as an athlete.  I couldn’t rush her to see that we might know what is best for her own interests, just like people can’t rush you into believing in the power of our Divine Creator.  If you will trust me, like my daughter finally did and take the time to read the Bible, you will realize that he is only here for our own good, and to make us all that we’ve been created to be.

Since my daughter let go of her stubborn mindset, she is starting to blossom into an incredible little gymnast and is fixing issues in her body alignment that have been there for years, but she wouldn’t correct it because she thought she knew more than her coaches.  You too can fix past issues in your life that you might think are unfixable if you just let go of your stubborn mindset and I promise you that you will blossom into the incredible person that God created you to be!