Go Cubs Go!

My husband and son love the Chicago Cubs.  My daughter and I do too, but not to the extreme that these two alpha-male creatures do.  It is a year round discussion in our home and I would have to say that our family life, by times, revolves around this baseball team.

Last night, was a big game—or so I was told.  We are only about three weeks into regular season, so I don’t comprehend a big game to normal seasonal play, but I guess that is because I don’t have the heart for the team like my men.  When I asked why the response seemed so simple, “Because they are playing the Cardinals, and I hope they score multiple runs on these twits.  You should hear how they are talking about our Cubbies!”  My husband’s passion is second to none when it comes to the Cubs, and whether I understand it or not, I just nod like I do.

As I witness my husband and son’s passion for the sport, and their determination that their team is the be-all and end-all, it brings me to look at all the organized religions in our world.  Aren’t many of them just like the MLB?  Trying to prove that they are number one?  They have their faithful followers or fans, so-to-speak, who will defend their team to the bitter end.  If you are educated in the Chicago Cubs at all, they haven’t won the World Series since 1908, but my husband will defend them to his death bed.

Let’s compare baseball and all its crazy fans and MLB teams to all the different types of religions in the world.  Here you have the top of the religion structure, the Pope, or Patriarchs—whatever you want to call them—they are like the Team Owners and Managers.  They are promoting their team to their fullest of abilities, making the plays that they feel are going to make them the champions.  They are trying to get the best players on their team, trying to convince as many fans as they can that they are number one.  They are the ones that are teaching or convincing people that their religion is the only way you are going to get to Heaven.  In baseball terms that would be the only way to win the World Series.

Then you have their strong players—the starting line up as they would refer to it in baseball.  That is your superstars just like our leaders in our churches.  We have their ministers, pastors, priests, lama or whatever your religion wanted to call them when they first organized.  These are the people that the fans admire and cheer on because they believe they are the ones going to get them to the World Series with their talents and abilities—or heaven in spiritual terms.

All the baseball fans, like my husband and son rooting for the Cubs are just one houseful of people who believe that the Chicago Cubs are their ticket to the World Series Trophy, just like the Catholics, Baptist, Pentecost, Buddha, etc., feel their religion is the only way to get to heaven.   They are full of team spirit and are rooting for their religion, having the passion that the males in my home have for their baseball team.

Did you ever think that maybe they are all onto something?  The World Series is won by a different team every year, is it not?  They are all playing the same game—baseball, and they are all after the same goal—to be called the World Series Champions.  Just like all religions are teaching the same thing, love and wisdom and how to make it to heaven.   We have to start looking past the names of religions and broaden our thinking that maybe when it is written in the book of the Bible, in Deuteronomy 4:35, “You were shown these things so that you might know that the LORD is God; besides him there is no other.” Could it be that there really is no other God, just different terminology?  Are not all religions aiming for the same trophy?  Heaven?

Sadly, just like my husband and son, they are die-hard Cubs fans, and we live in an area that have more Boston Red Sox fans that any other area besides Boston itself, I am sure.  Does this sway the passion for the Cubs among the men in my home?  Absolutely not and this passion for a favorite ball team is just like person’s religion.

My son has been dressed in Cubs attire since he was born, it was bred into him to love the Cubbies.  If you are born and raised one religion or belief, is it going to be easy to sway you away from it after it’s been embedded into your heart and soul for years and years?  Not usually.  Does this mean that these people aren’t going to reach their goal, just because of their religion?  That is the question that I will leave you with, because what I believe may not be what you believe, because of the way you were brought up.

I will leave you with this through.  I do believe that the Chicago Cubs will one day win the World Series, if that helps hit my feelings out of the ball park.  GO CUBS GO!!!!