Guiding Light

Did you ever notice that some teachers start counting down the days left to school before summer vacation?  Did you ever wonder why?  It is hard spending your days with the same children, day in, day out for 195 days.  It’s not as hard on the teacher as it is for the students to be cooped up in a classroom with the same people their age for this many days.  We have so many different personalities all in one class, and unless you are a teacher and witness this yourself, most would have no idea what a classroom atmosphere is by the time May rolls around.

I have 26 fifth graders in my class, and the ball of emotions is really starting to roll now that we are at the end of April.  They have the days counted down, and are ready to move onto the next phase of their lives.  The guidance counselor is our new best friend.  He is starting to make frequent visits this time of the year with the students in my class as hormones are starting to hit along with emotions these children have never experienced before.  He’s giving them strategies on how to deal with their dislike of other kids and how to handle the conflict that goes on inside, but mostly outside of my classroom.  Cyber-bullying is huge!

By May, every year, this happens.  The kids just really start to get sick of one another.  They are getting tired of each others’ shenanigans, and are ready to have a break from one another.  Honestly, even the staff at my school is exhausted and not their happy-go-lucky selves due to the environment that is created by the students by this time each year.

Isn’t that the way we all get with life.  Sometimes friendships have reached an end and people are ready to move on.  Maybe you’ve had enough of your job and can’t handle any more of your boss.  Or could it even be that you are fed up with your church and their religious beliefs?  Is your marriage feeling like it is dead and nothing will bring it back to life?  Whatever it is, everything has its season.

Sometimes we have to move forward, maybe form new friendships with people that are more our mindset, or maybe we have to try and work harder on our marriage to rejuvenate it back to life.  Or could it be that we open our hearts and minds up to a different belief system?  Or is it time to look for a new job, or just find the good in the one you have now?  Whatever you feel in your heart is probably the way you should go.  Things get put in your hearts for a reason.

We only have 37 days left to the school year, and hopefully my students will learn from the guidance councilor’s directions on how to deal with conflicts like this.  Don’t you wish we all had a guidance counselor, like my students, to turn to?  Even though I am in my 40s I’m still trying to learn to deal with the same issues my ten year old students are.  I’m still learning have patience and kindness towards my fellow man.  I might not be dealing with an influx of hormones anymore, but I know life gets much more complicated in mid-life.  It’s not called “Mid-Life Crisis” because it’s a joyride.

Are you feeling like you could use a guidance counselor?  Look no further than the word of God.  If you start reading his word, he will give your life a new direction.  He will help you deal with all that you have to face daily.  He’s the greatest guidance counselor of all time.  Give it a try!  John 14:26 tells us, “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.”  And he will do all these things, you just have to build your relationship with him and he will guide you to the ultimate life that he has created for you.

My students are lucky to have a fantastic guidance counselor that cares and takes time to help them through this hard hormonal state they are transitioning into.  God is even more fantastic, but we have to take the time to read his word and build a relationship with him.  He can help get anyone through anything, if we just use his word as our guiding light.