On Your Own Time

If you don’t know me very well, I would definitely be described as a bit high strung.  I’m a 100 miles a minute with everything I do.  It is difficult for me not to rush through things and get them done, so I can move onto the rest of my “To-Do” list and continue checking off the next task.  I’m scheduled to the max, but I love every minute of it.

My daughter on the other hand is NOTHING like this.  She loves to take her time and does everything on her own time.  Some might say, she beats to her own drum.  There is no urgency in this child at all.  I honestly can’t believe that she even shares my DNA, because I am the total other extreme of her.  I guess she was put in my life to slow me down.

She gets things done, but it is painful to watch her.  Emptying the dishwasher, is a 30 minute ordeal.  One dish at a time, slowly she bops around the kitchen putting everything perfectly in its place.  I find myself helping her empty it, just so that she will get out of my way so I can work more efficiently.  It doesn’t bother her how long she takes, and she places each dish in its spot with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.  It’s not that she is sulking or bucking the chore, it is just that she loves life and does things at her speed—which I just happen to find brutally painful!

I feel this is very much the same as everyone’s spiritual journey.  Everyone is different and everyone will get the job done in their own time.  Sometimes it is very painful for the loved ones that are watching to see their child, husband, friends, even parents wondering aimlessly off the spiritual path, but there is no rushing them or trying to push spirituality on them.

Just as I help my daughter empty the dishwasher to assist her along with her chore, we can encourage people along by planting the seeds, modeling how we live, saying a prayer for them, meditating about it and believing that someday they will reach their spiritual maturation.  The sad thing is, they have to get their on their own time.

God puts many things in our path to try and reach out to us and develop our spiritual maturation.  We wonder why bad things happen to good people.  Usually this is the reason.  We are to learn and grown from our trials and tribulations, our heartaches and sorrows.  We have to experience the bottom to rise to the top.  Life is all about learning to become a better person and help out our fellow man.  It’s not about being greedy and stepping over people to become more successful.

Psalms 1:1-6 explains, “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.  That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither—whatever they do prospers. Not so the wicked!  They are like chaff that the wind blows away.  Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.  For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.”

In the Good News Translation, this verse is titled, “True Happiness” and I believe that we will all find our true happiness eventually.  It might take you a little longer than others.  Something horrible might happen in your life to help you develop in this area, but eventually we all get there.  I don’t believe there is a human being that is born evil, but their desires might get tainted from their journey along the way.

It might be taking you longer than normal to empty your dishwasher of life, like my daughter.  She doesn’t empty the dishwasher the same as I do, but she gets the job done, and has fun while she is doing it.  You too will eventually get there.  Nobody does anything the same.  My spiritual path is going to be a different story than yours.  Just keep walking, keep trudging and you will reach your spiritual maturation in your own time.  I promise, once you get there, you will love every minute of it!


King of the Castle

Are mornings crazy at your home?  I wake up two hours before I have to leave for work and we all have our normal morning routines.  Of course I spend my alone time reading and meditating on the wonderful word of God, which is the calm before the storm, because once I wake up the rest of the house, it’s a tornado of madness.

This morning, my son is sitting, tired eyed at the island, while I am whizzing around the kitchen preparing lunches, washing up dishes from the night before, making an after school snacks for before sporting events, my husband’s breakfast and trying to get my tea and breakfast into myself.  My son just sits and sits and is waiting for me to get his breakfast.  All he has for breakfast every morning is an Instant Breakfast, which is a mixed dry powdered that becomes a flavored milk after you add the milk.  All he needs is a cup, a spoon, the milk and the powdered product.

Finally, I asked him, “G, could you maybe get your own breakfast?   I’m a little busy here and I think you are able to handle this on your own.  Let’s try to be more independent and not sit waiting for me to wait on you.”

With a sigh and a sluggish disposition he tore himself off the stool and was interrupted by his father’s smart comment, “Yeah, G!  Like me!”

Here is my husband, sitting at the end of the table with his head held high with pride.  He’s sitting with his iPad in front of him, catching up on the latest sport news from the night before.  His bright royal blue Chicago Cubs robe is wrapped around him, and is definitely portraying his role as King of the Castle.

I had to laugh out loud, as my husband waited with pride for his breakfast to be unveiled before him.  He has the same breakfast pretty much every morning, and I enjoy getting it all ready for him and placing it on the table awaiting my thank you and good morning kiss.  This is how we roll as husband and wife.

Some might screw up their noses at this, others might think I am crazy, but that is fine by me.  I realize that he is the King of our castle, and in all honesty, he does an incredible job of it too.  He’s a very hard worker, is an amazing dad and husband and for everything he does for me and his children I wish I could do more for him.

This is the way God designed marriage.  Sadly, society has frowned upon this since woman’s rights maybe?  I just know that everything works better with laws, and to me this is one of the sure fire laws of marriage; be submissive to your husband.

My husband never asked for me to make him breakfast every morning.  My husband doesn’t expect me to do this for him.  This daily tradition has nothing to do with my husband, it is all me.  It is me trying to show my love for my husband and my gratitude for all that he does for me and our children.  This is all me trying to send him off into his dog-eat-dog world with a loving meal and a time to relax and enjoy his family before his day begins.  It’s all me trying to be the Proverbs 31 Wife that I myself have set as a standard.  It has absolutely nothing to do with him, but instead it is me showering my husband with love to show God what kind of a person I am inside.  I’m showing selfless love to both my husband and to God.  Is that so horrible?

Ephesians 5:22-33 explains, “For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the Savior of his body, the church. 24 As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything.”  This doesn’t mean that your husband dictates to you, this just means that he is the head of the home and wives are there to serve him, like we would be serving the Lord.  Please understand, wives are just as important as the husband, but just like in any business or associating, there is a person at the top of the social structure who makes the final decision.  God has set it up that the man is to make the final decisions in the home.

My husband runs two businesses and is very successful at this.  He definitely is a strong decision maker and has a gift for organizing, coordinating, problem solving, and leadership.  This holds true for the home too.  He is the King of Our Castle, and I’m proud to say he rocks at it.  I’m honored that I have the opportunity to make his day start off on the right foot, and shower him with affection before he gets belted with decisions and life.

Take some marriage advice for the Bible.  Try to make your home the way God designed it to be.  See if anything changes for you.  I know I witnessed a huge transformation once I started to honor the hierarchy of the home that was the plan for us from our great Divine Creator.


The Sabbath is a Life Style

Sundays.  I know it is believed to be a day of rest, but as hard as I try, I think it is my busiest day of the week.  I’ve been struggling with this, but being the organized person I am, I have to prepare for the life that is going to face me over the next five days of my work week.  I try to get lots done of Saturday, and usually this is a very productive day too, but then it seems like basketball, gymnastics and baseball all come pounding on my door of relaxation, and I find myself in a gym all day, instead of in my home where I know I should probably be.

This has been an ongoing issue with me, probably because of the way I was raised.  My grandmother was a strong believer in this.  She would only go to church on Sunday, and do nothing else.  She wouldn’t even let us play board games on this day.

Things have changed greatly since the 1980s, and our society even started opening up stores for shopping on Sunday.  I vaguely recall when this all was being passed by our provincial government and the uproar it was causing but now my own children don’t know life any different.  They really struggle with understanding why stores are closed on holidays, because all they have ever known is shopping seven days a week.

My husband and I both coach our children in their sports, so you can just imagine how busy our Sunday really is.  Are we going to hell because we don’t hold this day as highly as my grandmother once did?  Are we going to burn in the fires of eternity, because we let our children play their beloved sports on the day that was to be held for a day of rest?  Some people may answer very confidently “yes” to these questions, and you know what?  Go right ahead you are entitled your opinion, but I would have to say absolutely not!

While studying the book of Mark, it struck me—and really hard!  I was exhausted mentally after reading, meditating on the word and realizing what I was being taught through this scripture.

My lesson started in the second chapter of Mark.  I was very drawn to the verse, Mark 2:27, “And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”  Wow!  Do you understand that?  I read it over and over, and I was really intrigued by it, since, it had been a personal struggle of mine since my spiritual journey had begun.

Then I understood.  The Sabbath is for the good human beings.  We all have the “Sabbath” in us, it’s more than just a day.  It is a life style choice.  We have to try and take in all the goodness that God has to offer.  We have to relax and enjoy life through his word.

I went on to the next chapter, feeling very uplifted from my findings in chapter 2, and was eager to learn more!  Then BA-BAM!  It was jumping off the page again at me.  Mark 3:4 was shouting at me.  “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?  But they were silent.”

This was all about the Pharisees watching eagerly to see if Jesus would work on the Sabbath. There was a man in the synagogue with a withered hand, and he asked Jesus for help.  In Mark 3:5 it explains, “And he looked around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart, and said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.”  He stretched it out and his hand was restored.”

These Pharisees may not have been working on Sunday, but they were being evil on Sunday!  They were looking to destroy Jesus on a Sunday!  What did Jesus do?  He was “angered and grieved at their hardness of heart.”  He was shaking his head at them, because these, so called great people, were missing the point entirely!

I know there are many people in my city that might not work on Sunday, but sure to bet they are judging me for all the activities I choose to do on this Holy day.  I know my grandmother would be.  If she was still alive would be shaking her head at me and my busy lifestyle too.  But, you know what?  Judge me all you want.

I took the time myself to sit and meditate in God’s word, and now understand the Sabbath is more of a state of being than just a day.  It is a lifestyle choice.  You can be as religious as you want, but if you let evil thoughts and standards seep in, are you really religious?  If you are judgmental towards people, are you being the loving being that is the second most important commandment?  If you want to carry the, “I’m holier than thou” attitude, go right ahead—rest that evil mind of yours on Sunday.

I might be a very busy person on the Sabbath, but I am also going to have a heart like Jesus, and laugh at the fact that you just don’t get it.  Like Jesus felt sorry for these Pharisees who were judging him, because they “were so wrong and stubborn” (NIV), I am going to feel sorry for you.  The Sabbath is more than a day for all of us to spread the love of God and enjoy learning and being with him in spirit. It’s a way of life.  Use every day; Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday even Saturday as the Sabbath and spread the love of God today!


Untie the Knots

What is it with girls and their jewelry?  I love it, and now, my daughter is getting addicted too.  She is very sporty, as I was in my younger days, but is still drawn to the bling of a nice necklace, earrings or bracelet.  Lately I just bought her a cross that lays sideways on her chest and she proudly wears it everywhere she goes.  Unfortunately, she has to take it off at gymnastics, and then, of course, I stashed it into my jacket pocket for its safe keeping.

The other day I arrived home from my run and as I slid my hand into my jacket pocket, there was her necklace.  This poor thing, just got bounced up and down in my pocket for 30 minutes, and when I pulled it out of my pocket, it was no longer a necklace, but a ball of silver chain linked into many knots.

Isn’t that the way life goes?  We start off with all these wonderful intentions, this remarkable gem.  We are fresh and full of life, and then life happens.  We might make a poor choice, and things start to unravel before our eyes.  We then try to fix it, only somehow we seem to make it worse and then years later, we can’t even recognize what something once was.

Let’s use marriage for an example.  Think about how excited you were when you and your spouse started out.  I remember, I was incredibly in love and thought I had the most amazing man in my life.  Everything we did seem to click and I was beyond happy.  We did lots of little things to show each other how we cared for one another and how each of us were thinking about each other endlessly.  It was magical!

Time goes by and life starts to knot the chain of marriage up.  We booked our lives too thin, we had children and priorities changed.  I remember thinking I could never love anything as much as my husband, until my first born child came along.  Then I found a new kind of love, a motherly love.  Sadly, I started to mess up my priorities.  I started putting my child’s needs in front of my husbands.  This had to be a huge shock to him, because for three years prior to the birth of our son, my life revolved around his happiness.

Looking back I can name many instances, and events that just kept knotting up our marriage.  We were both guilty of adding knots.  One thing at a time just added another knot.  Instead of 30 minutes of bouncing in a pocket, this marriage necklace now had 16 years of knots—and suddenly, I couldn’t believe that we were where we were.

I took my daughter’s necklace and patiently unwound each knot, pulling the necklace in different directions and unloosening different kinks, and eventually, it was as good as new.  The same can happen in life.  You have to take the time to investigate what needs to change.  With my marriage, my first change was making my husband my number one priority again, because without him, WE are nothing.  I don’t have a marriage without him, I am just a single parent with two children, and that is not the way I set out in this life.  I want our marriage to be a happy union of mother, father, husband, wife, and friendship.

The devil wants to knot up any relationship and kill it.  Anything that is good and true, he wants to kill, and we are stupid enough to let it happen.  1 Peter 5:8 tells us “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”  Please, don’t let the devil devour your marriage!  Be vigilant and work at fixing the knots!

We aren’t big at fixing things now-a-days.  If it is broke, or knotted up like this necklace, we usually throw it out and get ourselves a new one.  Marriages are no different.  Sure, we hurt one another.  Sure we do stupid stuff to each other.  We are only human.  Try and remember the way you felt about your spouse before the knots infested your relationship—before the devil got at it.  Do you remember how incredibly important this person was to you?  That person is still there, you just have to try and pick out the knots that time has made, and you will find an even more amazing person, who has been through many of life great moments with you.  Your connections are still there, even deeper actually.  It just takes some time to take out the knots.

Pick away at the knots and changes that you need to make and watch the amazing relationship come back to life.  If you need help, look in the Bible, and transform it to what God created marriage to be.  You might be pleasantly surprise to see what the relationship is really meant to be like, and don’t let the devil try and ruin your relationship, or anything you love, ever again!


Osgood-Schlatter Scars

Osgood-Schlatter Disease—hard to pronounce, eh?  Have you ever heard of it?  My husband had it when he was younger and he grew very fast.  This is very prominent in young adolescent boys.  As his bones grew rapidly, his large tendon on the front of his knee couldn’t keep up with his bone.  It is a painful disease and usually eliminates sports for most patients for about a year due to the pain.  My husband still has two large bumps in the front of his knees as a reminder of this painful time of his fast growth spurt.

My son is now in early stages of his growth spurt, and having a kinesiology background I’ve been promoting him to stretch now, so that when he does take his spurt he will not witness the pain that his father had to experience.

Each night, my daughter quickly volunteers to put him through the yoga stretches that I have my gymnasts trained to do each night.  As I watch him stretch, I find myself chuckling because compared to my gymnasts, he is extremely rigid and tight.  It’s actually quite comical to watch.  I’m not accustomed to watching unbendable people, plus the moans, groans and terrifying screeches of pain add to the entertainment.

In attempts to not have our child go through the same pain that his father had to burden with this disease, I think about how most parents want more for their children than they had and do not want them to suffer the pain they experienced through their own life trials.  Are you like that?  Maybe you want your child to go to university, because you never had the chance.  Are you protective of your child and dating because of what you experience in your youth?  I’m sure we all do it.  Overcompensate in an area to make up for what we experienced in our trials that we don’t want our children to experience.

In all honesty, just like I am trying to make my son more flexible to prevent his future pain, we all have to learn to be more flexible with life.  We have to realize that learning how to bend we actually become stronger.  You think I’m crazy!  Think about it!  Being more flexible in anything is beneficial.  I know that my flexible gymnasts definitely reap their benefits, as I am sure is true in most sports.  I was taught in kinesiology that the more range of motion around a joint the less likely it is to be subject to injury.

The same holds true for life.  If you are rigid with the way you see things, life gets harder.  When people won’t conform to what you want, you get stressed out.  Sometimes we feel that our way is the only way and we don’t want to bend out of our way of thinking.  Instead of bending ourselves, we try to bend others into seeing things our way.  Doing what we want, living how we want—I guess it’s called “having control issues” maybe?

How many wives have tried to change their husbands?  Be honest ladies!  I know I have!  Did it work for me?  Nope—but you have to know my husband.  Now that we’ve been together 16 years, looking back I am glad he didn’t let me change who he is.  Who wants to rob someone of their personality?

I will admit my attempts to try to change him lead to a road of bitterness, heartache and stress, but whose fault was that?  My own.  I knew who he was when I married him, and loved him for who he was then.  I have learned over time that by bending myself for my husband, he has also learned to bend for me.  We are both learning to be flexible and bend for each other.

The same holds true with my children, and parenting.  I’m learning to bend with the personality of my child.  I don’t want to rob my children of who they are either.  I’m here to teach them right from wrong, and raise them to be productive members of society one day, but I want them to be who they are, not who I want them to be.

Ephesians 2:10 explains, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”  God prepared all of us beforehand, he doesn’t want you trying to change things—not that you could if you wanted to, only God has the power to change people.

You have to give me an “A” for effort in trying to override the power of the Great Divine, but at the time I was young and uneducated in the purpose of marriage in God’s eyes.  I’m still learning to be flexible myself.  Just like my tight, basketball; volleyball; soccer; golf; baseball playing boy who is hitting his prime growth period, I’m growing in my walk with God.

My husband still has bumps on his knees to show a time in his life when his tendons weren’t flexible enough for the growth his body was taking.  Be smart and be flexible in your growth, before you have scars in your life too.  Stop resisting what is going to happen anyway, because life is out of your control.  Relax and let your spirituality grow, and learn to be all that you have been created to be!  It’s quite a ride!


Faithful Fertilizer

This year we are very fortunate to have such an early spring!  It’s invigorating having the dirty snow disappear and see little green sprouts of spring flowers pushing their noses through the winter kill.  So invigorating that I started to clean my front flower bed!

It’s amazingly uplifting when you dig all the dead leaves out of your flower beds and clean up the garbage the remains after the winter’s chill devours their beauty.  These flowers that once stood bright and beautiful in all their glory and are now brown, lifeless compost that is smothering the new growth that lays invisible under the soil.  Yet, through that dingy overlay, some vibrant green peeks out through, even though they are swallowed by the dead flowers of what once was.  It’s such a miracle if you think about it!

Did you ever feel like this?  Like you once had something beautiful in your world, but now it is covered up by the lifeless compost and is smother the beauty of what once was.  Maybe it is your marriage, or your disappointment in a child or parent.  Could it be that a friendship that once was a huge part of your life has come to an end?  Did you lose a love one, and your world feels lifeless without this person?  Are you trying to fight an addiction of some sort and your life is falling apart at the seams but you just can’t seem to get it together?  Are you fighting depression or anxiety issues and it’s consuming your world?

Whatever your struggle or trial is right now, look at it like my flower bed.  Sure, it looks dead to the naked eye.  Sure you might think that the nasty frost of winter has killed the magnificence of what once was incredibly beautiful and made your life complete.  All this dead, dingy overlay is smothering the elegance of once existed and now you are lost in a pile of brown, crinkled leaves.

Trust me.  Even if you might not see the vibrant green that is growing beneath the soil, there really is new life under there.  It might feel like you can’t remove all the gunk that smothers you and your emotional well-being at the moment, but your life will turn around and sprout out the most incredible blossoms you have ever seen.

First, however, you do have to start picking away at cleaning out your flower bed.  You have to start to peel the dehydrated, mutilated remains off of the soil and give it some air and sunlight.  Just like your life.  Remove the negativity, and focus on the things that make you happy—give yourself some air and bask in the things that make you radiate.

Remove the old dried out mulch, and add a bit of fertilizer to your soil.  If it is your marriage you are struggling with, start thinking back to the days you were head over heels about your chosen one.  Start fertilizing your marriage with prayer and the Bible has some great teaching on what marriage was originally for.  If it’s depression you are struggling with, fertilize your life with exercise and try meditating on God’s word because he has a purpose for your life, and if you read his word, he will talk to you and comfort you.   Whatever your struggle come up with a fertilizing plan, and spend some time in prayer and in God’s word.

Don’t forget to replace the mulch to make your flower bed, and that might mean making changes in your life that you are uncomfortable with.  Maybe you have to remove the negative people in your life.  Maybe you have to develop a new friend circle to stay away from drugs or alcohol.  Whatever the changes you need to make, trust your instincts.  Once you fill your flowerbed with new mulch it will add that finishing touch to your flower bed and make it that much more complete.

In Isaiah 43:18-19 it teaches us, “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Eventually, once you let God clean out your flowerbed of life, he will make a way for your life to be all you imagined it to be.  Add some fertilizer, and new mulch, and the flowers you’ve been praying for will start popping their invisible heads up everywhere, craving more sunlight so they can start to photosynthesize and bless you with all that belongs to you.  Just like your life—you will notice little changes, and growths in your world and soon you will realize that it was just a season that you had to go through to grow and become the person that you were meant to be.

Once time progresses, you will be in full blossom and more vibrant and beautiful than ever.  You will then understand why you had to experience that horrible wrath of winter.  Now life couldn’t be any better!  Once you add God’s word as your fertilizer, replace the old mulch with new and let his light energize your photosynthesis, you will blossom into the divine being that he has designed you to be!  I promise!


Greek Gymnastics God

Everyone knows my passion for gymnastics, and it is a sport that you have to be passionate about to truly understand it.  It definitely has a terminology all of its own, and is different than the more popular sports like basketball, hockey, baseball and such.

I know my daughter will run in the house after a successful practice and announce with pride, “Dad! Dad!  I did my backhand back layout step-out on the high beam today!”  He will congratulate her with open arms and play along like he knows what she is talking about, and then I come to his rescue and show him a video.  If it wasn’t for the daily video explanation, he wouldn’t have a clue of the skill she is performing because the terminology is like Greek to him.

Some days she will come home from her four hour practice and he’ll ask her how practice was and if she stuck her triple sow-cow, knowing that it isn’t a gymnastics skill, but it is a word that he is familiar with from figure skating.

Much the same happens to me when I go and watch my son play basketball.  I have no idea what “block-out” means.  He will be running up the court with the ball yelling out different code words that his coach has trained him to say to set up certain plays, but it is all just gibberish to me.

Isn’t that the same with our society today and religion?  For some reason it has people uncomfortable.  There are so many people now-a-days that don’t believe in God, or that are uneducated in his word.  We also have the extremist that take every word in the bible as truth, and might not understand the symbolism that is deeper than the actual words.  Honestly, nobody is going to rip out their eyes, as the bible recommends, but this is much like some of the more complicated sports.

First of all, you have those that hate sports and don’t understand them, or the benefits of sports.  Much the same as those who don’t understand God, and don’t believe that there is life after death, that we all came from evolution.  Those scientific minded people who think they have all the proof they need on how the earth was made, and what has happened to get us to where we are today.  They are so closed minded that they don’t see that maybe there is value to be learned from the Bible, realizing there is deep underlying meaning to God’s word and that there really is life after death.

Then there are some that enjoy sports but don’t quite understand the depth of them, because they are only familiar with the more popular sports.  We find this in gymnastics all the time, because gymnastics runs based on skill level and not age level, it is difficult for parents to understand.  We place gymnasts in their categories based on their skill ability and not their age.  Sure, age makes a difference, because like any sport a year of development can increase the level of ability, but we could have a 10 year old and a 14 year old with the same skill level, however that 10 year old probably is the athlete with the most gymnastics ability.  Just like in our spirituality, we might read the bible, but not totally understand it, or don’t understand its true potential.  Maybe we read the bible, but don’t stop and listen to what it is telling us.  We have to take the time and meditate on the words we read, because the meaning is much deeper than the words.

Another thing is that with gymnastics, parents don’t usually understand the progression of the sport.  They don’t understand that one skill has to be taught before a child can successfully perform another skill, and each harder skill requires more strength and flexibility to achieve it.  Skills are linked together and progress as the gymnasts strengthens and becomes spatial aware of where they are.  The same goes with God’s word.  We have to progress on our spiritual journey and nothing other people do or say can speed up this journey for another person.  The person has to learn through what God puts in their path, and the trials they are faced within their own life experiences.  I know if someone told me three years ago that I’d be writing a spiritual blog every day, I would think they are crazy, but due to different situations in my life that I’ve been through, my spiritual growth happened.  I progressed and transformed over the last year and a half spiritually.  Looking back to what my daily routine was a year and a half ago, to what it is now, there is a tremendous difference.  I see things differently now, and the Bible really speaks to me and comes alive, but when I started reading the Bible daily, this wasn’t the case.

In 2 Peter 3:18, it is said, “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity.”  We are all growing in our spiritual growth, just like my daughter is growing her sporting career of gymnastics.  She falls many times in the run of a night, but learns from every fall, and she has coaches there to tell her what she is doing wrong.  Just like in life, we will have our falls and trial, but the Bible is there to pick us up and coach us to our spiritual maturity.

As I’m venturing on my spiritual journey I’m understanding that we are all spiritual, even those who say they don’t believe, but everyone has to grow in their own time.  Just like explaining gymnastics to the parents of my gymnasts I coach, it is like Greek, and very hard to understand.  But, please trust me!  If you pay attention to the terminology, and the progressions, strengthen yourself in faith and trust in your coach, we can all become champions of God!