Proprioception Purposes

Eastern Championships are quickly approaching in the gymnastics world, and we are doing our best to fine tune every routine to get every tenth of a point possible.  We are pointing out every deduction and trying to fix it.  Many times the gymnast doesn’t feel what we are telling them, and we need to video tape them to point out the error, so they understand and see what their legs or arms are doing.

In gymnastics, or any sport actual, we call this proprioceptive awareness.  Many years ago while completing my kinesiology degree, I learned all about proprioception.  In simple terms, it is knowing your own body.  Proprioceptive awareness is knowing where your limbs are in relationship to your body in space.

Even when our gymnasts can’t feel that they are bending their legs slightly, they are.  It is our job, as coaches, to point this out to them to make them their own personal best.  It is much the same as your own sense of self.  You might not realize sometimes why you do things or you don’t understand where you get your thoughts and feelings from, just like my gymnasts don’t understand why they are bending their legs, but it is the same concept.

Proprioception comes from the root word proprium, which is a Latin word for your intellectual self or a sense of who you are.  Many people have a strong belief that they own their ideas, and that their own interpretation is a reality, but this is not necessarily true.

Nobody truly knows a lot about our conscience, or where our thoughts and feelings come from.  Is it possible to stop certain feelings?  My gymnasts find it very hard to correct these little errors in their body alignment, even after we point it out to them, because they can’t feel the error.  This is much like feelings, they are hard to correct unless you have a coach guiding you and helping you correct these errors that you seem to have no idea where they are coming from or why they are happening.

Some of our gymnasts don’t have the physical ability to straighten their legs, because their hamstrings are too tight, or maybe their quadriceps are too weak.  Either way,  we have to give them direction to stretch out their hamstrings, or strengthen their quads in order for them to fix their problem.  This is true with the mind as well.  If you are having weird thoughts or feelings, you might have to not just fix the feeling, but go deeper into the root of the problem, stretch one area of your beliefs, and maybe strengthen another.

If you are spiritual at all, you will eventually understand that just like our gymnasts, it is difficult to make the proper correction on your own.  You have to realize that a thought is just a thought and a feeling is just a feeling, that you are calling your own, but it really isn’t.  All thoughts come from the spiritual world, and you are going to need a coach to help point out your area of concern and give you something to help get to the root of your problem.  Who is the coach of your proprium, you may ask?  God, who is in every one of us.

John 1:13 solidifies this for us, as it is written, “Which were born, not of the blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”  We all have God inside of us, and if scientist are still unsure where our thoughts come from, but many NDE survivors are explaining this phenomenon for us, and are eventually going to prove that it is definitely from the spiritual world.

It is hard to understand how some people easily understand what their body is doing in the air, and have great air sense, or proprioceptive awareness.  It’s also hard to understand how some people easily understand that God is who give them their loving thoughts and feelings, or their spiritual sense.  Our body is just a vessel for the life that God gave us to thrive and fulfill his will.  When we get negative thoughts or feelings they are coming from the spiritual world too, but they are just a thought or feeling, they aren’t our own.  If you think about why you are having these thoughts and ask your coach, he will guide you to the proper thought and make the correction in the proper manner.

Just like our gymnasts might not feel their mistakes with their body alignment, you might not feel your mistakes with your spiritual awareness, but if you start to understand proprioception, and really the Latin word proprium, you might start getting a little closer to spiritual success and happiness.  This will help you follow the second greatest commandment, “Love your neighbour like you love yourself”, but it takes many hours of practice, proper coaching and making the right corrections to reach this state of proprium.

What area to do you have to stretch, or strengthen?  We all have our weaknesses, and just like our gymnasts, we all want to reach our personal best.  From now on, don’t take your life personal.  Realize that you are just an finite vessel for your spirit to life in.  Look to your spiritual coach and with patience, and practice he will give you the proper correction to form you into what he created you to be!