Mother-In-Law Pride

I love my morning routine!  Being away in Newfoundland for gymnastics makes me appreciate this routine even more when I return and get the love and joy of my family.  Even my husband sent me an endearing text stating how much he missed me growling at my son in the mornings while I was gone.  My son is a very intelligent young man and just pushes my buttons in the morning to watch my rage rise…I’m sure of it.  Any case, I do love our mornings and all that it entails!

In my pursuit to become a better person in the last year, I have been drawn to Proverbs 31 and I am trying my best to be this amazing woman that every mother wants her son to marry.  I often wonder if my mother-in-law would be proud to say that her son married me.  Am I treating her son the way that she would want him to be treated?

When I am away, does my husband really miss me?  I know he was joking about my morning disposition, but do I make his life easier by being around?  Proverbs 31 is about a husband having confidence in his wife to make good decisions and building a trusting relationship.  To me that hits many areas.  Am I a trusting wife?

I have to admit, I wasn’t always.  I have to admit if my son married a woman like me, I’d be a bit shaken.  I was a very selfish person in my earlier life.  I loved my husband, and children, but still couldn’t let go of my own selfish desires.  I was very bitter about how my life changed with children and my husband’s didn’t.

Now that I have formed this new role-model in the Proverbs 31, I strive to cover all the verses.  In Proverbs 31:11 it says, “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.”  I try to do a self-assessment periodically.  Does my husband trust me with money?  Does he trust me that I am making wise decisions for his children?  Does he trust me in keeping our house orderly, clean and comfortable for his family?  Does he have confidence that I will never speak poorly of him behind his back?  Can he trust me to build an emotional relationship with only him and that he will always be the number one male in my life?

Do I ever fail at some of these questions?  Of course I do—especially when the money is concerned.  I’m very attracted to bling, but I am trying hard to fix my areas of weakness.  Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.

In the beginning of our marriage, I struggled making wise choices, but since I educated myself and found the value in the verses in Proverbs 31, my choices are now more important to me and I am rewarded for my proper choices.  The choices that God wants to see me make.  I am striving daily to become this incredible woman whose husband has full confidence in her.  I’m still making mental notes after I make the wrong choices so that I can be more conscious the next time, and with many prayers and praising God for how far he has brought me in this area, it is my hope that before my time on this earth is complete, I will complete my husband and my walk with the King!

Where do you need guidance in this area?  With Mother’s Day being this weekend, think for a moment on the kind of woman you would like for your son to spend the rest of his life with.  Can you be this woman for your own husband?  Would your mother-in-law be pleased with how you are treating her son?  The best way to better yourself, is study the word of our divine creator and follow his direction.  It’s a no fail approach!