Spirituality Science

Have you ever read or heard about a Near Death Experience or an NDE?  They fascinate me!  I can’t wait until science finally finds a way to tap into this spiritual world that these people have experienced.  These people all give great accounts of their journeys and it is an area that we still can’t fully explain.

I’m finding it mystifying how the people that are experiencing these NDEs are many doctors or scientists that were 99.9% sure that they had all the answers through science and their knowledge of the brain.  Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven” was mysterious.  He was a Neurologist and goes into a coma from meningitis for a week, and has amazing encounters with the spiritual world.  Or Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight” is another great book, explaining her walk in the spiritual world while she has a stroke, and because she has her Ph. D. in neuroscience she uses this to investigate her experiences.

These are just two of my favorites, and I’m anxiously anticipating the release of Dr. Raijiv Parti’s book “Dying to Wake Up: A Doctor’s Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back” that is to be available to read August 22, 2016.  I’ve listened to him on Youtube and his story is an unforgettable journey too.

Through all of these experiences, I feel it is God’s way to help the scientific world realize that there is life after death, and that just because scientists can’t explain it, it does exist.  As I was studying Deuteronomy 5 this morning, it made me think about this again.  There is a section called “The People’s Fear”, and it is all about Moses reviewing the commandments with his people, and the mountain being on fire.  Deutronomy 5:24-27, “’The Lord our God showed us his greatness and his glory when we heard him speak from the fire!  Today we have seen that it is possible for people to continue to life, even though God has spoken to the.  But why should we risk death again.  Has any human being ever lived after hearing the living God speak from a fire?  Go back, Moses, and listen to everything that the Lord our God says.  Then return and tell us what he said to you.  We will listen and obey.’”

These people that experienced God talking to them in their NDEs.  They then let their old mindsets and lives die, and they gave birth to an entirely different lifestyle.  Each and every one of them realized that they were wrong about what science had taught them about life, and that the spiritual world really does exist.  They didn’t die in the literal sense, but their previous lives and beliefs definitely did.  Their selfish EGOs died.  Their need to convince people that their way of thinking was the only way of thinking and that spiritual people are crazy had died.  Their need to have materialistic lifestyle perished.

Just like in my gospel chapter I studied this morning, where the Lord showed his greatness and spoke from the fire to the people many years ago, he is still talking to us.  He’s now choosing these doctors to assist in his efforts to try and change the mindset of the scientific world.  They are fascinating!  You should read them for yourself and watch how their lives were transformed to realizing how little they really know about life after death and the spiritual world.  It was humbling for these super intelligent individuals to learn how much they really didn’t know.

I have people in my life who are very vocal on how there is no God and that there is no life after death.  One person, I can’t even say, “God Bless” to after they sneeze! Their dominating personality, forceful nature, vocal beliefs and high desire to be right just proves to me that their EGOs are running their lives and they are in a sad, sad place spiritually.  Do I have to be overbearing with my beliefs?  No.  I’m humble and confident that I have God inside me working within me on a daily basis.  If they choose to miss out on this incredible relationship it is their loss!

When you finally realize that there is a huge, inexplicable realm that exists, you would never have such a selfish, forceful opinion because it is the devil who is making you into this egomaniac.  Ask each and every one of these overly intelligent people, who’ve experience the dimensions of hell.  Truth and wisdom will prevail, and if God has to send you on a NDE to make you realize this—he will!