Opening Day!

Opening day!  If you are a baseball fan, you understand the excitement that comes with these two little words.  Opening day is the first game of baseball played on your home field.  Your home turf.  Your stomping ground.  It’s exciting to start a new season of baseball after a long winter of waiting for the snow to melt and the grass to turn green so you can enjoy this incredible sport.

Yesterday was our opening day for my son’s baseball team.  Having my husband coach his team makes it even more exciting at our home.  They are both very passionate about this sport and so the energy that is floating through our home is felt by anyone who walks in.  It’s a father-son love that has been blooming since our son was born.

First of all our son is named after the legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig.  You know how it is said that God has the name for your child before he was even born?  I am a huge believer in this statement, because our son was to be called “Mark” right up to the day before I gave birth.

My husband asked me what I thought we were having a boy or a girl.  I explained that my intuition is saying it’s a boy and that is when he told me that he really loved the name “Gehrig”.  I agreed it was a cool name.  It was different, but we still had lots of time to discuss it.

The next day, to my surprise, I was tying up my shoelaces to head out for my morning walk, when my water broke.  This was two days earlier than my due date, and it wasn’t really in my plans that day.  To make a long story short, our son was born about six hours later, and my husband was never so excited in all his life.  A BOY!!!  He asked the doctor if he could take him out to display him with pride to all that were anxiously awaiting in the waiting room and the doctor gave his approval while I had the pleasure of delivering the afterbirth.

When my husband finally returned with the little bundle of amazement, he questioned, “So we are going to call him Gehrig, right?”

Fatigued and not having the energy to even think about a name for this little human being that I just pushed out of me, my response was, “We have lots of time to agree on a name.”

To my surprise, he answered, “Oh-um-you see-I already told everyone it was Gehrig.”

Instantly, I started laughing.  I don’t know if was from total exhaustion, or the fact that he was that thrilled he got his dream come true, and couldn’t wait to proudly give him the coolest name my husband ever heard of.  It melted my heart right there and I decided to just agree and give my husband this moment in time.  I will have to admit, it did take me three days to learn how to spell my own child’s name, but he is so a Gehrig now.

Jeremiah 1:5 tells us, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

That is why I am a firm believer when they say that before a person is born, God knows your purpose, and your name, because I witnessed it all unfold before my exhausted eyes the day I gave birth to our precious son.  Fourteen years later, I can’t imagine him being called anything but.

Not only is my son called Gehrig, the day he was born, my husband had the joy of spending his first evening with his newborn son bonding with Gehrig in his arms and they watched the Home-run Derby of 2002 together on the little mini-television that are in hospital rooms.  It’s been a tradition every year to watch the Home-run Derby together and baseball holds a huge place in our family.

Our son Gehrig is Gehrig for a reason, and now looking back at the thought of calling him Mark, just doesn’t fit who this incredible young man is!  We all have a purpose in this world, and Gehrig is here for a reason.  Is it to be a baseball player?  Maybe not, but whatever it is baseball is shaping him into the grand design that the great Creator has for him.  The same is true for each and everyone of us!  Life is shaping us into what God wants us to be!  Isn’t it amazing?