Mother May I?

I love being a parent!  I have to admit, my parenting style is like a fine wine—I definitely get better at it as I age.  It was hard when I was young, and my children were young and only 20 months apart.  I wasn’t a natural born mother, but I’m starting to feel my groove now!

I’m now enjoying the life of being a mother to a 14 and 12 year old.  This is a great age!  My son isn’t in high school yet, so he’s at a great age.  Almost a man, but still a boy at heart.  My daughter is just finishing her first year of middle school and is not your typical girl.  She hates drama, and actually chooses to avoid it, which makes my life so much easier.

I am very fortunate to have such great children!  I love going through every stage with them.  I look back and laugh at many of the things they used to do.  One of my favorite stages was when I started leaving my son alone for the first few times.  It was finally some freedom from packing up two kids to go anywhere, and this was a nice feeling.  Also, I got to watch my son morph into an independent young man.  He’s very black and white, and a rule is a rule, and you don’t break rules.

Staying by himself is an opening to break any rule of the house you would like, but not him.  He would call me on my cell phone and ask if he could have a bowl of chips.  He would call to see if he could go to a neighbour’s house to hang out.  He would call to tell me he showered and brushed his teeth.  Everything he did he still made accountable to me, even though I wasn’t there.

This is the way that we should be with our great father in Heaven.  We should be praying to ask if we should do certain things.  We should be praying for his help to guide us in our pursuit of our first home to purchase.  We should pray for his guidance on our next financial investment.  Just like my son calling to insure his decisions were ok, we should be calling the big guy upstairs to do the same.

Why, you may wonder?  It’s the way he would like us to be.  Just like I appreciated my son calling me (even though it was not necessary) to make contact with me and to check for my reassurance on things.  Even though we are grown adults and should know what is best for us, we still don’t!  Admit it.  How many times have we made the wrong choice?  How many times did we get burnt on a decision we made on our own?  I know I have a huge list.  How are we going to stop making these bad decisions?  By becoming wiser.  How do we become wiser?  Easy, from the word of the Bible.

Job 28:23 says it in black and white, “God alone understands the way to wisdom; he knows where it can be found”.  Then why are we fighting the system?  Why do we not take all our questions to God in prayer?

Try making a change in your life today and remember what it was like when you were ten years old and able to stay short periods of time without your parents.  Were you like my son, double-checking that everything you did was fine by your parents?  Whether you are 15 or 99, it is still ok to double-check with God on what you should do.  You might not like what he is telling you to do.  It might go against what your selfish ego wants to do, but trust it and watch the change in your life unfold.  We are all still children of God, no matter your age, and we are all still learning how to life in his word.  You are never too old to listen to your Father!