Proper Progressions

Gymnastics is such an amazing sport!  I love that you have to have a vision of what moves are next in line from progressions.  If certain gymnasts get rush through the progressions it is really detrimental to their careers as a gymnast.  They can have all the talent in the world, but if they skip steps in their progressions, they are never going to reach their full potential.

Many coaches don’t realize the importance of this, especially those non-experienced ones, who might not have witnessed the power of their lack of progressions.  Sadly, once they start to reach the upper levels this is detrimental to their development and can instill much fear into their little brains.  Then we have to retrain the brain and develop their confidence again, which sacrifices a year or more of their time in gymnastics and if you are familiar with gymnastics it is a sport for the young, and their careers are usually over by the time they are in their late teens.

Progressions are a great thing.  We have to progress and learn to handle the different body movements and be able to handle the power and speed that comes with growing as a gymnast.  Just like growing as a gymnast, we grow spiritually as well.  We progress through life, learning from the trials we are faced with.  Learning to deal with what comes from becoming an adult and the decisions that we make as we mature.

Just like rushing a gymnast can produce fear and insecurities, I feel the same is with spirituality.  Nobody can rush someone to becoming the spiritual person that they are made to become.  We have to progress at our own rate, learning from our failures, and our situations that life brings us.  Many times, people will resort to other things to deal with their insecurities.  Maybe you shop to hide your insecurities.  Perhaps you have resorted to drugs or alcohol to cover your uncertainties.  Some people even seek the thrill of infidelity trying to make themselves feel wanted and secure in themselves.

Whatever it is, we all have the free will to choose whatever makes us feel good, but somehow we seem to listen to our egos and make bad decisions before we realize our wrongs.  Just like in gymnastics.  Gymnasts and their parents think they are doing great until they hit the wall and they can’t progress because of a bad decision that was made by a prior coach.  Gymnastics is a sport that a gymnast can’t be rushed.  We can’t be rushed spiritually either.  If people aren’t ready to open their heart and receive the word of God, there is no forcing them to do this.

Just like coaches that think they know what they are doing but don’t quite grasp the concept of the sport, there are also many people who pretend they believe the word, and go to church but don’t live by the word.  Their hearts aren’t the hearts that God wants his children to have.  They are trying to do their best, but just haven’t grasped the concept of being a true Christianity yet.  Just like some coaches that just don’t quite grasp the progressions of the sport of gymnastics.

Psalms 32:8 tells us, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”  God is our coach.  He will follow us through all our progressions in life.  He won’t skip a step to make us who we are created to be.  Everything we are going through is for a reason.  Just like in gymnastics, there is a reason for every drill, every progression every conditioning program and every gymnast will progress in their own time.

God is the best coach for our lives that there is out there.  We just have to learn to listen to his instructions and trust where he is taking us.  You might feel like your life is over sometimes, just like my gymnasts that are frustrated in their gymnastics journey, but stay in faith and trust in his coaching and watch your life turn around and become all that he has created it to be!