Thank You!

Can you believe this is my 100th blog that I have posted?  I’ve written more than this, but some were back from last fall, and I didn’t start my blog until the first of February, and they didn’t go with the season that they were written during, but will eventually be here.  It blows my mind! I can’t believe that I have published 100 blogs!

It especially should blow other people’s minds.  Those who have known me on a personal level for years would be astonished too.  First of all, I am no Shakespeare, or do I claim to be, but writing was, by far, my worst subject in school.  I avoided it at all costs!  I actually hated Shakespeare, because he was way over my head—all the symbolism and crap.  Hated it!

My teachables for my Education Degree are Physical Education and Biology, but when they pulled me out of the gymnasium for me to teach French as a second language because I also had a French background I was very intimidated.  I wasn’t intimidated to teach French to ten year olds, I was scared to death to teach Literacy.  My own mother tongue.  I thought to myself, “I can’t teach children how to write, I don’t know how to write myself!”  I remember having so much anxiety over it all, and the wonderful leads at my district reassuring me that I knew more about writing than a ten year old—but sometimes I doubted even that!

Eventually, with the guidance from the Literacy Leads in my district, I wrapped my head around teaching this very scary subject.  I had to be very prepared and spent many house on SmartBoard presentations for all the different traits of writing.

I know for sure that my English teacher from high school would never believe it if I told him that I wrote blogs and loved it!  This poor teacher earned his wage trying to teach me how to write, and sadly he always learned more than me.  He learned many ways on what didn’t teach me how to write.  I skimmed by English with the bare minimal pass, which I think he generously gave me out of the kindness of his heart so he didn’t have to try and learn more ways on what wasn’t teaching me to become a writer.

Writing is just one of those things that I wasn’t built for, but now I love it, which is the reason I know that there is a higher power out there, helping me write these blogs.  Many times I sit down to write something, and an entirely different story takes over my brain and is typed out by my fingers.  Other times I have to research what he wants me to write on because I have no idea what he is asking for, like my blog on Newton’s Third Law.  Over my head!

I realize that I am just a tool for the Holy Spirit to relay a message to someone, somewhere that will read my blog.  I am humbled to know through the statistics on my blog that he has reached over 20 different countries; Czech Republic; Brazil; Norway; Cuba; Mexico; Barbados; Bangladesh; India;  Neverlands; United Kingdom; Indonesia; Norway; Australia; Tanzania; Dominican; Guadeloupe; Austria; Italy; Philippines; Malaysia; Qatar and of course United States and Canada all through my blog.

2 Timothy 2:21 explains, “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.”  I definitely cleaned myself up from what a selfish and self-centered person I was.  Is that why God is using me through these blogs?  I will never know.  I just know that since I was obedient and started my blog, I feel he is using me more and more all the time to be a vessel for his work.

I will continue to write these blogs as long as he continues to fill my mind with these words he wants me to write.  For some reason they scream at me until I get them down on paper, and it is overwhelming by times, but the feedback that I get from people is fantastic and worth every bit of the work.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy lives to give five minutes of your day to read my blogs.  If you are drawn in to read the blog, trust me it is for a reason.  He is trying to reach you about something he wants you to hear or think about.  Sit and meditate and see what else he says to you.  We are all here for his reasons and to serve him.  Hopefully I found mine with these blogs.  What is your reason?