Bikini Season!

Bikini Season!  Does that make you cringe as much as it does me?  I look at my daughter and reminisce that at one point in my life I looked like that and didn’t realize what a great body I had.  She’s built just like me, and silly me, hated my body when I was younger.  I was muscular before muscular was cool.  The boys called me She-ra at school.  For those younger individual who have no idea who I’m talking about, she was the girl Hulk super-hero.  It was an insult for me.  I definitely didn’t have a feminine physique because of my long hours of gymnastics training.  And 25 years later, I just have the shadow of what I once was.

I got my prom dress made purposely to cover my manly shoulders that was least favorite part of myself.  There are girls that are built like a boy, and sadly, I am one of them.  I look at my daughter, who has the boyish body that I had and wish I had that body back.  It bothers me whenever any of my gymnasts talk poorly about their physiques.  We are all built the way we are built for a reason.  These girls train hard and are stronger than most boys their age.  Weight to strength they are amazing!

We all have our insecurities about ourselves.  Maybe you don’t like your body either. Perhaps you hate your nose, or your eyes.  My poor son is five foot five and has bigger feet than his six foot father…they call him “Feet”.  We all have parts of our body that just doesn’t seem attractive to ourselves, and as hard as we try to accept and love ourselves for what we are, it is hard!

We all want what we don’t have.  Right?  We all want to be curvy when we are straight, we want to be straight when we are curvy.  My daughter has beautiful curly hair, and wants it straightened.  I have straight hair and would love for it to be curly.  There is no making us content in what we have, until we don’t have it anymore.

I’m learning that as I watch my mom struggle in the hospital, not being able to eat due to a bowel blockage.  She has been in the hospital for over a week, and when we visit, she makes it clear how much she would just love to go to the bathroom.  Imagine wanting to be able to go to the bathroom.  Something very gross, when you think of it, but something that we take for granted at the same time.

We all want what we can’t have.  We all take what we have for granted.  Just like I did with my body when I was younger, but how I would love to have it back now.  Just like my mother wanting to use the bathroom because she can’t.  We all have things in our lives that we take for granted.

Think about the blessing you have in your world that you take for granted.  Your husband or wife, your children, your parents, your pets, your house, your job, your car, the food on your table, the heat in your house, the clothes on your back, your health, your ability to go to the bathroom.  The list is endless.  The simplest of things are precious if we lose them.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  God wants us to give thanks in all circumstances.  Even in times we can’t use the bathroom properly.  Give thanks for the manly body you may have.  Give thanks for the nose that is on your face.  Give thanks for the beautiful curly hair you have.

We are all made exactly like God wanted us to be made.  There is nothing we can do but accept that fact, and embrace it.  When we are thankful for these things, instead of harboring embarrassment for them, it is pleasing to the Lord.  He is our creator, and just like an artist being criticized for his painting, you are criticizing God for his creation, which he feels is a master piece.  Give thanks for that masterpiece and hold your head up high for the person he created you to be.  You rock!