Flexible Faith

I find myself relating gymnastics to spirituality many times in my writing.  I strike again!  But this is what I am engulfed in, along with my job and family, and I believe the things that surround us is to teach us and grow us into the people we are meant to be.  The other day during warm-up my mind went wondering.

My gymnasts all have a “spot” on the floor where they go to have lots of space to stretch out.  We have our regular routine of stretching and many of the warm-up stretches are based off of basic yoga stretches.  Some of my gymnasts are super flexible, but others are super tight and then you have your average flexible girls.

I always tell the girls that struggle with flexibility that they have to work on their stretching at home, because in all honestly it is dangerous to be that tight and be a gymnast.  It is an injury waiting to happen.  My gymnasts that are super flexible usually are the ones that need to gain more strength.  Being super flexible without the strength to control this flexibility also poses a danger to my athlete.

Being of average flexibility is really where I want my gymnasts, and being averagely flexible as a gymnast in all actuality to the regular world is still very flexible.  Having just the right flexibility to strength ratio is important in this sport, but it is also very important in life too.

There are fundamentalist in this world that are very inflexible in their beliefs, especially when it comes to the Bible, and God.  Whatever they feel is true, is the truth and there is no convincing them otherwise.  The Bible is the word and interpretation is not open for discussion.  They were taught this way, and this is the right way, and their minds are close to any further discussion on this.  They believe what they believe and if you don’t believe what they believe, well, you are going to Hell.  There is no room in heaven for people that have flexibility.  In my opinion, I like to be open-minded to new things.

I’m studying Revelations right now and I read a great thing about the twelve different gates to the new heaven that is referred to in Revelations 21:21, “And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each of the gates made of a single pearl, and the street of the city was pure gold, transparent as glass.”  This thing I read was explaining that this was Jesus talking in parables, which he always did and it really refers to the three gates on each side of the four sides of the “new Jerusalem.”  These gates are all really an opening for all the different beliefs in the world to get to heaven.  They were saying that God is all the same God, and your religion matters not, as long as you have love and wisdom in your soul.

I love this idea!  I think it is great to open our minds to the fact that maybe some where all these religions of the world will finally get along and enjoy one another without judgment and prejudice.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  You have to be flexible in your thinking to let your heart and mind open to such a perspective though.

Again, you don’t want to be too flexible and believe everything you hear, read or watch, but it is nice to think that at least you could hear, read or watch these things and take from it what you feel is beneficial to you in this journey on earth.  As Christians we always have the historic book of the Bible to refer to, and as much as we all wear prejudice glasses from being born into Christianity and the religion that we were born into, I think if we just take off these glasses and continue to stretch our minds, we might benefit our abilities somehow, someway.

In the end, just like I tell my gymnasts, you have to have a perfect balance of flexibility to strength.  This is parallel to our walk in faith, you have a perfect balance of love and wisdom, but with wisdom comes an open-mind to think beyond what you were taught by your parents, or by your church, or by your friends.  You have to dig in and find wisdom for yourself.  The world is huge, and there is so much information out there.  Explore!  Explore!  Then, explore some more.  It’s incredible what you might learn and realize that being that inflexible person is dangerous and you too might be injuring yourself!