Darth Vader Dreams

Another day, another story about my cuties that I teach in kindergarten!  I know it is getting old, but to me these little creatures never get old, instead they totally make my days!  I love how they  interact in my class.  When I introduce new games to them, they always teach me something.  They are the best!

As we are nearing the end of the school year, I am able to teach them more advanced games.  This one day I decided I was going to teach them “Star Wars”.  This is when one person is in the middle of the gym, and he is the “Darth Vader” or the bad guy, the “it” person.  The rest of the kids are on a line at the far end of the gym and they get to choose to be a Star Wars character.  Darth Vader calls out a character’s name and if you chose to be that character you have to try and run to the other end of the gym without being tagged by Darth Vader.  If you do, they have to go to the side lines, which I call the hospital, do five jumping jacks and get back into the game.

The kids loved this new game and they were having so much fun with it.  As I was standing in the middle of the gym with them, I started to notice something that each and every one of them did.  Since this wasn’t the regular tag game that they were used to playing where everyone was running away from you, instead the students were running at you, they didn’t play the same way.  Instead of attacking the line of people that were charging forward they would make a loop out and then get behind the person they were trying to tag.

This wasn’t a very useful method of attack.  They’d get close to tagging one person, then would get distracted by another person who seemed closer and change their focus to that other person, then another person would come along and again, they would focus on that person even though they were so close to tagging the person that they were chasing.  They got very distracted.

Each time the kids went back and forth across the gym, this was happening.  Darth Vader would be so close to tagging someone, but would give up and try someone else that seemed in their perception, closer, or easier.

Think about your life—was there a goal that you always wanted to accomplish but gave up on it, because it seemed too hard?  How many of us have made this same mistake?  We have a dream or a goal, and we start of strong pursuing it, and then we get distracted by things.  We find it hard chasing our initial dream so we shift our focus to something that is easier, or something that seems closer to our reach.  Maybe someone told us that we could never reach our dream for some reason or another.

I wasn’t a very strong student.  I was focused on my gymnastics dream, but I did always want to be a teacher.  My guidance counselor told me I wouldn’t have the marks to get into Education.  They recommended that I looked down another path because this was out of my reach.  I could have chosen to believe my guidance counselor, but thankful, my life as a gymnast taught me to never give up.

I decided when I was pregnant for my second child to go back and fulfill my dream and do my Education degree and I am extremely happy that I chose to not let one person’s opinion keep me from my destiny, otherwise, I wouldn’t have these five year olds teaching me all these life lessons that they do on a daily basis.

Ephesians 3:20 tells us, “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,”  We can do more than we ask or think if we turn to our Creator and ask for his help reaching these dreams.  We all have the power within us to make this possible.

How many of us have a dream planted in our hearts but don’t have faith in ourselves that our dream will come true?  How many of us have a dream but think it’s too much work to reach it?  How many of us listen to others, like my guidance counselor, and let them talk us out of our dreams.  Just like my little cuties trying to tag their classmates, but give up just as they were almost close enough to tag them.  If you have a dream, don’t give up!  Keep strong in prayer and if it is God’s will, it will be done!