Volunteers Victims

I have to admit, I really enjoy my Facebook time.  Some days I don’t get much time to scroll through the latest status updates, touching, funny or delicious recipe videos, and the new pictures posts, but it is probably my favorite thing to do on my down time.  It’s just something that takes no thought, and somehow I find it relaxing…plus I think it keeps me up to date on many of my friends’ lives.

As I was doing my leisurely scroll the other day, a status update really grabbed my attention.  It was a friend from another part of the province and she was venting her frustrations on how volunteers in her area are mistreated.  Instantly I thought the same thing about our area.  My husband spends relentless hours volunteering his time to the youth sports of our city, even coached a hockey team for years and our children don’t even play hockey.  He does it for the love of the sport and for the love and talent he has for children.

Volunteering is a thankless job.  My husband jokes that someone else can step up and take all the money he gets paid for doing it.  Sadly, many people don’t step up to volunteer anymore, because of the nature of people now-a-days.  Why volunteer, when all the other people, who are not giving up their free time to help others, are grumbling and complaining about how you are doing things?  Why step up and donate your precious time when parents are going to send you nasty emails or call and tell you their complaints about how they feel their child isn’t getting enough ice time, or that you said something and their child took it the wrong way.  Honestly, why do volunteers subject themselves to this mental torture?  Complain. Complain. Complain!  That is what parents do.  That is what society does!

Society hasn’t changed.  Thousands of years ago, as Moses was leading his people to the Promise Land by the hand and direction of our great Divine Creator, guess what the people were doing then?  You got it!  Complaining!  God showed them many different miracles, but they still complained.  God fed them meat when they were wining that they wanted meat.  God showed them that he wasn’t a fan of all this complaining by opening the earth and swallowing people up, but guess what?  They still complained!

Obviously, we aren’t the brightest of animals are we?  Scripture makes it very clear!  When people grumble and complain, it doesn’t make the Lord very happy, but we continue to grumble and complain.  James 5:9 tells us, “Don’t grumble about each other, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. For look—the Judge is standing at the door!”  All of your daily grumbles are sinful actions towards your loving Savior.

Today, take a mental note of how many times you grumble or complain about something.  Anything.  It might not even be your son’s hockey coach, or your daughter’s art teacher.  It might be your husband, your parents, or even your best friend.  I know my father’s impatient personality makes me grumble–A LOT!  It’s something I have to work on!  Whatever it is or whoever it is that makes you grumble, take note on how many times a day you fall into the trap.  Instead of grumbling, take the time to appreciate all the blessings that you have in your life.  I know I would be devastated if my father wasn’t around to drive me crazy!  I love him to the moon and back.

Volunteers are not family.  I have a daughterly right to grumble about my father, that is why he had me, so I could keep him in line.  However, we should be especially kind to those people volunteering to spend time doing things that you are not willing to do.  My husband always says, if people want to complain about it, they are more than welcome to step up and do it for him, and again, nobody ever does.

God loves when people give freely of themselves and donate their precious time to help others, whether it is in a sport, at the church, at a shelter, a food bank or at a hospital, they are all being smiled upon by the Lord.  It is all pleasing the Lord!  Volunteers, the next time people are grumbling and complaining about all the hard work you are donating of yourself, remember, God sees it all!  It isn’t the people here on this earth you have to please, it is the great man above, so keep on keeping on!