Drowning Planter

I gave up on buying annual plants last year.  We are very busy with sports with both of our children that sometimes we are away at a week at a time.  Most weekends we are gone and annuals need a lot of TLC, which I don’t have to give.  Of course, I could ask my parents to help, or neighbors, but instead I decided to plant planters full of perennial plants.  That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about them and they would just come back every year.

One big planter I keep on my pool deck.  Last year, I had tiger lilies and ornamental grass in it.  It looked wonderful adorning the pool area and I was excited to think that I was going to have this cute little collection return back every year.  No fuss!

To my surprise, this year, they are not coming back.  In all honesty, I didn’t think these things died!  I do know the cause of their death however.  Drowning.

When I planted them, I thought I had a great drainage system put in place, but there are no holes in the bottom of the planter, and somehow this is causing a problem.  Many days I lay the planter over on its side, and water drains out for well over a minute.  Obviously my drainage system isn’t working properly.

Many times in life, we experience the same drowning.  We have the stress of our jobs, financial stress, marital stress, child raising stress, sick parent stress, sick children stress, and the list goes on.  Our drainage system for stress is not working, and we are drowning in the problems of life.

We might go to church on Sundays trying to drain our stress in the pews of the church for an hour and we do feel partially re-energized, but then Monday hits and life stresses start to pour down on us again, and BAM!  We are drowning again.  Can we make it to Sunday to lay our planter of life over again in the pews of the church and let the drowning of stress be relieved a bit?

For my planter, I have to make a change to the drainage system, and that will be to drill holes in the bottom to let more of the water out so that these plants stop drowning in the rain water that falls on them.  The same holds true for you.  You have to make a change if you want to stop drowning in life stresses.  That change is different for everyone, but it should definitely include spending alone time with God every day.

He will help you understand how to deal with these stresses of life.  He will make you realize that as long as he is by your side (which he is), you can handle anything.  He can give you strength to deal with these stresses that you never realized you had.  Just turn to his word.

I’m a morning person, so I enjoy getting up in the morning and spending time with him alone, but my daughter is a different creature in the morning.  She hates mornings, and is only unpleasant during the first 20 minutes of her awakening.  Mornings are not the time that she would choose to spend her time learning the word of God.  Instead, we take a half an hour before bed in God’s word which calms her down and relax her before she falls off to dream land.

Matthew 5:6 explains, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”  You will hunger and thirst for his word once you start to feel your stresses lift and your life change for the better.  Maybe you can squeeze in a little alone time on your lunch break when kids are at school or busy doing something else.  Whatever works for you!

Try making the change today, because just like my tiger lilies and my ornamental grass, you will continue to drown until you change your drainage system and find time to build a relationship with your Heavenly Father.  Make time today and watch how your life starts to flower into all God has created it to be!