Wild Strawberries

Have you ever tasted a wild strawberry?  They are more divine that you could ever imagine!  The amount of sweetness that is packed into this minute little berry is unbelievable!  It makes my mouth water just thinking of these magnificent little wonders.

Growing up in the country these tiny berries were found everywhere.  I honestly remember getting our first cultivated strawberry, and thinking how huge they were and how they didn’t taste the same or anywhere as good.  My mom started making homemade strawberry jam with the cultivated strawberries and it was delicious but I didn’t enjoy eating them when I was younger because my palate was used to the real deal.  The ones that grew natural.  The totally organic ones, and to me, the cultivated ones were an imposter!

As my life progressed, and I eventually grew up and moved out of the country to the city, I forgot all about the natural strawberries and only now buy cultivated.  I bet my children don’t even know what a wild strawberry tastes like.  They love cultivated strawberries, and our fridge is rarely without them, but a wild strawberry would be foreign to them.

The other day, I went for a run, and I have a route that I run that I cut through a path for my cool down, and it gets me home quicker.  The path is through a wooded area, but someone seems to mow it, and all-terrain vehicles use it frequently, so it is a great path to walk or run on.

I was doing my cool down walk home, and to my pleasant surprise I saw the all too familiar bright red color beaming from the greenery that it lived in.  My heart started to dance!  A huge patch of wild strawberries were beaming back at me.  Nobody understands how excited I was to finally see these little babies again.  I stopped dead and started to pick and eat.  They were just as tasty as I always remembered.  How could I have ever eaten a cultivated strawberry, when these wild ones were literally just meters away from my home.

With child-like excitement, I couldn’t wait to tell my children and bring them to this secret patch and let them experience the joy of a real wild strawberry!  I love sharing all the amazing things in life with my children and a wild strawberry I would rate high on the totem pole of amazing things in life!

As I continued my short journey through the path home, I thought to myself, these wild strawberries were probably in my back yard all these years and I just wasn’t aware of it.  How many of us are looking for that THING that is going to make us happy?  We think if we change our jobs we are going to be happy.  Maybe if we change our spouse we will be happy.  Could it be if we change where we live and move to a bigger house we will be finally happy?

Just like the wild strawberries that I was hunting for since I left my childhood country home, it took me 16 years and finally I found them in my backyard.  They were there all along.  I just didn’t realize this.  I was on the wrong path in my life.

The same is true about life.  Happiness isn’t found in a bigger home, or a better job, or a different spouse.  Happiness is something that is found within you.  Inside of you.  I admit, you might have to take a different path, or change the way you see your life, your home, your job and even your spouse, but none of those things are going to make you happy.  You have to look inside of you to make you happy!

Psalms 16:11 explains, “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”  If you are on the right path, one lead by God and his word, you will find happiness.  Look inside of you for the happiness that you are searching for.  God is in each and every one of us and he is waiting for you to find his secret path.  Once you do, you will (like me), realize that the incredible, irreplaceable wild strawberries were waiting for you all along!