Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go.  Ever hear of it?  If you have children who enjoy video games, I am sure you’ve been out helping them find some of these Pokémon.  It is truly the only video game that I approve of!  It gets them walking around and exercising in pursuit for these little creatures.  They get rewards based on the number of kilometers they travel for them.  I think it is great.  Finally something to get the youth off of the couch and exercising.

Since this was introduced into our household, I’ve volunteered to take my son and his friends around town in quest of these virtual critters.  I will park the vehicle and they will get out and walk around collecting all sorts of weird named creatures.  I guess some are rarer than others and more valuable too.

It’s not like me to sit and do nothing while I wait for these Gamers to get their prize, so I was reading a great book that I have fallen in love with called, “The Holy Spirit—Spiritual Gifts: Amazing Power For Every Day People” by Susan Rohrer.  As I was reading and referring to the Bible verses that she recommends us to read as we follow her book, it really struck me.  We are all on this Pokémon Go journey in real life!

As my son and his friends were in hot pursuit for these rare and exciting symbols of different Pokémon animals, we should be the same thing with God our Father, Son and Holy Spirit that lives inside each and every one of us.  Once you start playing the game of Faith, you will be just like my son, you just can’t get enough of the game.

Honestly, we are all in our video game of life.  It’s all just a game.  We are on a quest similar to this new video game, and you need faith to win in this game called life.  God has many hidden treasures in this world and his most precious of these treasures is his word.  As I grow in my faith, and read and learn, life has become so much more amazing to me.  Just like the boys collecting Pokémon, I am collecting knowledge on how to have a wonderful life, and it is putting God first and foremost above anything else.

God wants us to be successful and happy.  He is an incredibly loving God.  Matthew 6:33 assures us, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  Just like my son and his friends are seeking Pokémon to get ahead in their video game, we have to seek the goodness of God first and then we will also get ahead in our game of life and see all our blessings unfold before our eyes.

If you are looking to get in touch with the Holy Spirit inside of you to help you in this game of life, I definitely recommend Susan Rohrer’s book.  What I love is that she isn’t like a minister, priest or pastor who gives you their take on a scripture and dictates that you should do what they feel is right.  She gives you the scriptures for you to read and meditate on for yourself.  Just like the game of Pokémon Go, you have to make the effort to go and get your Pokémon, you also have to make the effort to meditate on the word of God.

Make the effort today, and I guarantee you will fall in love and crave more and more of the rare and valuable relationship you will make with the Holy Spirit.  Just like the boys get rewarded for the kilometers they put on chasing their Pokémon, you also will be rewarded for the kilometers you put on in your pursuit of the Kingdom of God!  Just watch all the things that will be added to you!  It’s well worth the effort!