Montego Bay

I’m really loving my summer running.  How I wish I lived in a climate that didn’t give us such cold, harsh winters.  I say that now, but once fall hits and the fresh air has that crisp, clean smell to it, I will be raving and writing about that I am sure, but right now, I am loving the consistency of the heat and nice days that summer brings to my running life.

I love listening to music when I run and this one day I was really struggling during one part of my run, hitting the wall so to speak, and the song that was playing during this time wasn’t pumping me up.  It wasn’t doing its job to get me over my hump, so I pulled out my iPhone and quickly pressed forward on my home screen.  To my pleasant surprise an all too familiar beat started to play in my ear buds.

It was a song that my father used to sing to me at competitions when I was a gymnast.  My father has to be the worst singer in the entire universe, and he knows it.  Tune is something that wasn’t gifted to my father, but comedy was.  He would sing this popular pop hit during the late 80s to all of my provincial gymnastics team to calm our nerves and make us relax, then he would pump us up to have the competition of our life.  That was his gift.

You know what?  His technique always worked.  As embarrassing as it was for my father to be belting out the words to Montego Bay that had no tune to it at all, it made us all laugh and relax.  If you are familiar with the song there are a lot of “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs” in it and he made those sound like he was a dying chicken, but that was the funniest part.

As I heard the tune of this song start playing I honestly laughed out loud.  People that were driving by me, must have thought I was crazy.  This had become a conditioned response, but all of a sudden the pain that I was feeling from the tiredness of my run, totally lifted out of my body and I had a new bounce in my step.  This song was trained in my brain to relieve my stress and it even worked during my hard times in my run.

I didn’t have much distance left to finish my run, and I am sure I had a smile on my face for the rest of it.  This relieving feeling that instantly took over my body from a trained response that my father used many, many years ago, really got me to think.  Our Father in Heaven does the exact same thing as my father did here on earth.  If we develop the same bond as we have with our earthly father, he can help us deal with any hardship.

My earthly father did a great job training me to deal with adversities.  Sometimes, when we lock horns and have a disagreement, I am sure he wishes that he didn’t train me so well, because I think I am the only person in my family that won’t back down from my father and his strong personality, but to me this is a good thing.  He trained me that when the going gets tough, you keep pushing through.  You don’t give up.  Sometimes I may have to lean on my father for help and strength and guidance.  This should be what we do with our Father in Heaven too.

My all-time favorite verse in the Bible that I have trained both of my children to use is the famous verse from Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”  It’s true.  Just like I gain strength through the training and upbringing of my incredible father on earth, our Father in Heaven can train us to be even stronger and do things you never thought were possible.

Next time when you are hitting a wall in life, like I was when I was running, turn to the familiar voice of your Heavenly Father for strength.  He can give you the strength to surpass things that you never thought you could concur.  This verse is a very popular verse for a reason—because it is 100% true, and it works!