Holy GPS

With all the summer travelling that I have been doing it got me wondering how did people get from Point A to Point B before the invention of a GPS?  I have distinct, and sometime scarring memories, of my summer vacations with my mother and father arguing quite profusely while using this huge piece of paper that would fold up ever so small and they kept in the glove compartment of their vehicle.  These things were called maps, and they would give you the visual of all the roads, but not the verbal cues that our modern GPS does.

This past weekend, I was in a city in my province that I am not that familiar with, and I lived by the directions of my GPS.  It’s just so easy to listen to someone tell you to turn right in 400 meters and there is nothing more pleasing to hear than, “You’ve reached your destination.”

One time on my travels this past weekend, I was travelling the route that this wonderful talking lady box was telling me to take and to my surprise there was a closed road.  My talking box didn’t realize that the road was closed, but when I turned and went in another direction this amazingly smart woman in my little talking box started telling me an entire new route.  She amazes me.

This wasn’t the only time that she would give me a new route.  Countless times I wasn’t paying real close attention or the kids would distract me and I would miss the turn that she was prompting me to take, and in an instant she was rerouting me.  I find her absolutely fascinating really!  I honestly have no idea how people navigated before these ingenious inventions!

Even though times have changed since my family vacations with my parents over 40 years ago, one thing remains true, and that is the word of God.  He is our Holy GPS, and can navigate us to our destination in life easily, you just have to follow his word, listen to his soft gentle voice and stay on his route, and you will find yourself reaching all your hopes and dreams and you will arrive easily at your purpose in this life.

Proverbs 3:5-6 gives us these guiding words, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

There will be times that, like me, you may not hear the turn that you were supposed to take, or your internal instinct or fleshly desires made you take a wrong turn, but don’t fret.  Just like my amazing little lady in this small box that was guiding me around the foreign city, God will redirect your steps quickly too and get you back on the path that you were supposed to be on.  It might not be the shortest and most efficient route that you could have taken, but a scenic drive is always refreshing too.

Whatever path you are on, just keep trusting in God’s word.  It will navigate you to your grand destiny in this world, and even though you might question the path that you are on stay strong in your faith and trust that everything that is in your path is happening for a reason.  Whether it is to strengthen you, teach your, test you or guide you on this journey, it is happening to direct you on your trip in this life.  Read God’s word, spend time listening to his direction and sit back and enjoy the ride!