My summer is flying by so fast!  I wish I could slow it down, or make it a tad bit less busy, but I have two very active children who love their sports and this keeps me hopping.  My son is playing on two different teams that has us traveling the province and every weekend we are gone somewhere for something.  Even during the week he has practice for the provincial team in a nearby city which makes me feel like I’m never home.

One time while away for baseball, I had my daughter and two of her friends in my vehicle with me traveling to a place to entertain them for a few minutes while their brothers were playing ball.  I love these girls and they come up with the craziest of conversations.

My daughter was noting that there were many Catholic churches in this particular city, and I explained the French culture is predominantly Catholic.  Two of the other girls spoke up and said that they were both Catholic and high-fived in the back seat.  Curiously they asked what religion we were, and my daughter told them and this lead to them to ask me, what was the difference between religions?

I feel this is a parent’s job because religion can be a touchy subject in certain households, but to the best of my ability, I explained.  I am not 100% educated in the Catholic religion, but I did learn while teaching my grade five social studies program about the Middle Ages that Catholic Church was very dominating and eventually there was some people questioning it all, and people stepped forward to create the Protestant Movement.  I was trying as best as I could to put it into language that an eleven year old would understand without being bias to one religion or another.  I also explained to these girls, that it is all the exact same God, and who knows what religion is right or wrong, it’s just fantastic that they are going to church.

I also explained that my ancestry line held predominantly protestant and their ancestry line stayed predominantly Catholic, which is the factor that gives us our religion.  I had no control over what religion I was.  I was just born into it, and then raised in this church.  Just like these two girls were, and as well my daughter.  It’s hard to change religions when it is programmed into children’s brains from birth.

My daughter went on the state out loud some differences between the two religions that she has learned through her bible study, just like one time as we were reading and studying the book of Matthew, it said in Matthew 23:9, “And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.”  At the time she questions why the Catholics called their priests “Father”.  I of course didn’t have the answer.  I quickly snubbed that comment in the bud and said, those little things really don’t matter, it’s all interpretation of the word of God and it is not what is important, it is what we do and how we live with God’s word that really matters.

Even though I always take pride in explaining to my children that a person’s religion doesn’t matter, and we do not judge other religions this little bit of prejudice popped its ugly head with my daughter.  I’m sure everyone is proud of their religion and everyone feels their religion is the only way to heaven, but that is not what I am teaching my children because I truly believe that it is not the truth.

Do you have any idea how many religions there are out there?  The largest of religions is the Roman Catholics, but if you look at the statistics and if being Catholic is the only way to Heaven, then only 20 percent of the human race is making it to the Pearly Gates.  I love that people hold their religion in such high regards, and if that is how you feel, that is wonderful.  I just feel that more than one religion is making it to the wonderland of Heaven, and that is what I am teaching my children.

Baptized.  Not Baptized.  Catholic.  Not Catholic.  Protestant.  Not Protestant.  Gay.  Straight.  Black.  White.  French.  English.  We are ALL sinners.  I feel as long as you have accepted the Lord as your Savior, build a relationship with him and asked him to come into your heart you are on the right path—even then, who knows I may be wrong.  I believe it is the heart that is judged at judgment day, not the color of your skin, not your sexual preference, not your religion, not the traditions that are pressed upon you by the beliefs of the church you chose—it is your heart.