Miracle Maple Tree

Weeding—Yuck!  It is definitely one of the draw backs to summer, and all that is beautiful about it.  It’s never ending.  I live in an area that is very abundant with Maple trees and I had no idea how much they spread.  I have these little tree sprouts popping up everywhere.  I hate to classify them as a weed, but when you find them sprouting in flowerbeds they have to be pulled.

You would never believe where I found my latest Maple tree growing!  In a tiny space between where the floor of my garage meets the pavement of my driveway.  Obviously these trees don’t even need soil to grow they will pop up in cement.

To me, this is a little miracle tree.  If you aren’t educated on the reproduction of a Maple tree, you must have at least seen a little “helicopter” before?  These helicopters contain twin seed pods that are dispersed by the wind before they germinate where they land.  This helicopter must have landed in the crack between my garage and my driveway and somehow, someway took root.

Isn’t that fascinating?  I can’t bring myself to pull the little thing.  I feel that if it fought its way through all odds and no soil, and still was able to grow and thrive, this little dude deserves to live!

How many of us, witness the same kind of miracles in our own lives every day.  Even against all odds we end up with blessings that are only from the mercy of God.  Some people might call it luck, but really it is the hand of God blowing the wind in your direction and landing that helicopter in your grasp so that its twin seed pods will take root in your life.

Looking at my own life, I feel that way about my two children and my husband.  My husband was born in another province and his parents moved here when he was two—my miracle seed blew all the way over across an entire province and germinated in the city that I was raised in.  If it wasn’t for that seed that blew many kilometers, I wouldn’t have met my husband which in turn wouldn’t have given me my two incredible children.

This is just an example of one of my helicopter seeds that took root in my life and brought me the miracle of my two children and an extended family that is just as incredible.  I could list many others, but today, I want you to think of all your helicopter seeds that landed and took root in your life.  Think of all the blessings that over time grew into bigger and bigger miracles and if the wind hadn’t of blown in your direction your life could be totally different.

As I study the book of James, James 1:17 showed me just what I was thinking about this incredible Maple tree that was placed in cement and thrived against all odds.  “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

We all have many blessings that we take for granted.  It’s God’s will that brings us multiple miracles that we may not realize until they are gone.  Today, take the time to give thanks for everything in your life, big and small.  You might even find your Miracle Maple Tree growing in a place you never dreamed it could take root.  Our Father’s blessings are waiting to germinate for us and to provide even more for us.  Be thankful for what you have and the blessings will continue to grow!