Baseball Dreams

This past weekend is always a big annual event in my hometown.  It’s called the Baseball Old Timers Tournament, and my goodness it is a laugh!  Many men are trying to relive their dreams of their youth and trying to act many years younger than their reality.  My husband has been playing in it since our son was one, and it is something that is a family affair, since my father-in-law also plays and coaches the team.

Thirteen years have passed and we have never missed a year.  My husband’s friends all get so pumped up for it, and they are very entertaining.  As our son grew up around baseball and started to understand the game more, this one particular year really stands out, in my mind.  My husband’s team was winning by many runs, and they brought my husband into pitch to finish the game.  To our son’s devastation, the team lost, and he knew that it was because my husband’s arm didn’t quite function the way it did 25 years ago.

Our son asked me to go to the car and he cried his little seven year old eyes out.  In my attempts to calm him down, I explained that everyone was accountable for the loss, because it is a team sport, but that wasn’t working.  Other people made errors, but his focus was completely on the errors of his father’s on the pitcher’s mound.  He was inconsolable and wasn’t convinced that his father wasn’t all to blame.  My final attempt was uttering the words, “Sweetheart he’s not Superman.”

That was when he said the most adorable thing of his entire seven year life, “Yeah, well, he’s Superman to me.”

Instantly, those words brought tears to my eyes, and now we were both crying.  Such sweet words out of the mouth of a disappointed seven year old.  All because his father didn’t pitch quite the way he imagined him in his mind.

Since then, my husband has pitched many other years of great baseball, and went three scoreless innings (that is all they are allowed to pitch in the tournament), and even won Gold Glove trophies, which is always brought to the attention of our son.  My husband is quick to reminding him that we all have our bad days.

Fast forward seven years to this past weekend and we have another three innings of horror.  My poor husband got busted on the pitcher’s mound and this time our fourteen year old son sat beside me very nonchalantly, and just grumbled under his breath that his father was throwing the game again.  Not tears.  Not devastation.  No image shattered.  Just calm and quiet.

Sadly, isn’t that how most of us grow up to be?  Tainted by all the wrongs that we experience in our lives.  Numb almost to the dreams that we once had in our young hearts.  Something or someone in this world beat our spirits down, or circumstance dictate that we can’t reach what we once thought was obtainable.

John 10:10 explains, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  This is exactly what happens!  The thief of life comes and steals and destroys people’s dreams and hopes (because we let it happen), but Jesus came to this world so that we could have the life we wanted and have it abundantly.  All we have to do is become three dimension people, and make sure we include our Heavenly Father into our daily routine to complete our mind, body and spirit.

I always support every one of my children’s dreams.  They are put in their hearts for a reason and I educate them on the importance of having the spirit in their lives.  Our son has wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon since Grade 2 and had wrote his letter to Harvard and everything.  He’s going into grade 9 and guess what he still wants to be?  Yep, an orthopedic surgeon.  Did I put that dream in his head?  Nope, but it got there somehow, I’m just here to support him and maybe help him choose a cheaper University in Canada to pursue that dream.

Will something beat him down from this dream along the way?  Probably, but hopefully he’s learned we can’t let a bad day, or season, stand in our way of all God has created us to be.

Do you have a dream that you let the thief of life steal from you?  If so, go grab it back and start working on it today!  Just like these Old Timers reliving their dreams, it’s never too late to pursue yours!