Olympic Perspective

Are you loving the Olympics as much as I am?  I can honestly say I rarely watch television, but, I couldn’t wait for the games to begin!  Now the television is rarely off and probably will remain on until the end of this two weeks of Olympic Games.  I find it captivating.  These people worked so hard to get to these games.  It’s a miracle really!

The week before the games begin we heard lots of different things that were going wrong at the games.  It seemed to be all I heard.  The paranoia about the Zika virus, the quality of the air and water.  The poor Australians got robbed, a sports related kidnapping, and a jujitsu star was robbed by police officers.  Brazil sounds like a crazy spot, doesn’t it?  Well, in comparison to Canada.

The one that really struck me funny was the report that Team USA was reporting that the twin size beds that had to sleep on were too small.   Really?  I had to shake my head and then of course, that got me thinking!  All of the complaints are all in a person’s perspective.  Everyone can find a complaint, if they focus on the negative.  To me, the media was just trying to find things to complain about and nitpick on.

Think about it.  I wonder if a homeless person would find that the beds too small to sleep on that the poor USA Olympic team were complaining about.  Or would a person who came from Lucknow, India, think the air quality was poor in Brazil?  Lucknow is the city that is reported to have the worst air pollution levels on the planet.  Indian athletes might find the air quality in Rio great.  Again.  All in perception.

The same goes for us.  We all have things in our lives that bother us.  Think about the things that you might complain about daily.  I used to have many.  I know I went around the house grumbling about this and that.  I can’t think of how unbearable I was to live with.   Grumbling that this wasn’t done or that wasn’t done, but the only person it seemed to bother was me.

You want me to give you an example of what I would have to complain about every day?  My husband leaves his jacket on the back of the chair.  Every day.  Did I complain?  You bet ya!  It has been an ongoing battle, but finally I had to change my perspective on this.  I couldn’t change my husband, but I could change me.  It didn’t bother my husband that his coat was hanging on the chair of the kitchen table, it was me that it bothered.  So, I started hanging it up.

I had to change the way I thought about something so silly that I was letting upset me.  At least I had a husband in my life to hang his jacket up.  I’m sure there would be many woman in this world who would love to have a great husband like mine.  My husband is healthy, hardworking and an incredible provider for myself and our children.  Our family was still together, which these days is a miracle in itself.  Once I started looking at my life this way, I was just excited for him to get home from work so I could hang his jacket up for him.  No longer did I let such a meaningless habit steal my joy, but instead, I cherished the joy that I had in the man that wore that jacket.

James 5:9 explains, “Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door.”  I have been guilty of grumbling about one another a lot.  Thank goodness I am trying to fix this sinful nature in me.  Since I have stopped grumbling, many things have changed in our home, my job and even in my heart.

Life is too short to be grumbling about everything.  Instead look at the positive things in your life.  You just have to adjust your perception on the situation and find the good in things.  We take many things for granted, like our water and air quality, the safety that we have, the beds we sleep on and that we have jackets that we can hang in our closet.  Take a different perspective in your life today, and see if your home, job and heart change.  My guess is, they will!