Teachable Path

I enjoy going for my summer runs, but I have to admit, the favorite part of my run is my cool down!  It is the part of my run that I get to walk!  How sweet is that right?  I get to walk, and get my breath back and feel the effort that I just put in come to a close.  It’s the part of my run that makes me feel glad that even though I didn’t want to go for a run that day that I did.

Every time that I walk up my street for my cool down, it is amazing the things that are placed in my path and catch my eye.  Very random stuff end up crossing my path, and usually it is something that I love to take home and use as teachable moments for my children.

One day I found a dead toad that was squashed and actually frying on the hot pavement.  My son loves biology and since I knew he’d be fascinated with this little dead toad, I tried to scrape it up off the pavement, but to my disgust, it actually was officially baked onto the road.  I couldn’t budge the sucker.

Another day, on my cool down, I found a rolled up joint, that was only about a quarter smoke.  I picked this bad boy up and carried it home because this was an AWESOME teachable moment for my children! Only to my surprise, when I came into my house, my son quickly question, “Mom!  What are you doing with a joint?”  I couldn’t believe he knew what it was, but I guess in grade 8 there is a great education program in the school system informing them on the street drugs.  Nevertheless, my daughter did benefit from my cool-down education program.

The most beautiful dragonfly was another one of my finds on my cool down routine.  Sadly, it had been struck by a car, and was laying on the pavement desperately trying to take flight again.  I was excited again to bring home another great find, but when I picked him up in my hand that was all he needed to take flight and return to his family somewhere in my neighborhood.  Disappointed that I didn’t have the dragonfly for another educational session, I continued home with an overflowing heart that I did help save the beautiful insect.

Just like my cool down path, we all have our own path of life that we are exploring.  We all have different things crossing our paths on a daily basis.  It’s what we choose to do with these crossings that determine what we do in life.  I love using my life experiences to educate my children and use things that happen to me to prevent them from harm, or help them understand life better.

The biggest part of my path that I share with my children is that we all make mistakes, and hardships in life are all a test to help develop you into what you are to become.  I also love to share my path of spirituality and of the word of the Bible.  It is written in Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

All of us have things put in our paths now and then that we may not be happy about.  Maybe it wasn’t even our choice that our path went haywire, but someone in our lives changed our path without us realizing.  Maybe you lost your job unexpectedly, or your spouse threw your life for an unexpected loop, or you lost a dearly beloved and feel like your path has ended.  If this is happening in your life, realize it is just a learning experience thrown in your path to help you grow as an individual.  You can decide to change your path, or hang in there and use the hardships as teachable moments for yourself, and for others.

We all have our stumbles and falls along our path of life, but if we use our teachable moments to grow in God’s word and form a deeper bond with our Lord Jesus Christ, when other things cross our path, we will be ready to handle anything.  God will help make your path straight!