Back to Work

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I’m zonked!  This back to work thing is super hard on a person!  Especially if they have been schedule free for the last eight weeks.  Bam!  I’m right back into the thick of things on my first day back.  Work all day, frantically trying to get a classroom set up, meetings, and then home to quickly cook supper and then out the door again at 4:20pm to head to gymnastics for another four hours of coaching.

It’s exhausting and it starts all over again today!  Another full day of work, and another four hours of gymnastics.  But.  You know what?  I love it!  I love being this busy.  I almost prefer to have my life scheduled right down to the minute, because then I get more things accomplished than if I have a free day with no schedule.  I guess I am a person who needs a schedule.

Did you ever find that?  The day that you have a lot to get done, it all gets done, but on the days that you don’t really have much to do, the day lingers and you feel like nothing gets done.  Maybe it is just me, but if I don’t have to do certain things, other things will come up to distract me and then my day is over and I feel totally unaccomplished.

That is why I have to do my spiritual time first thing in the morning as soon as I get up.  If I don’t, life happens.  The same is true for my runs.  Many times I will plan to run after supper but one of my kids will throw an unexpected visit to a friend’s house that I have to drive them to, or I have unexpected company arrive and this list of interruptions is endless.  Life just gets interrupted…unless of course I’m at work.

You have to set your priorities when you are super busy, and building a relationship with the Lord should be at the top of your list.  If you are trying to build a relationship with anyone, you have to make them a priority.  Do you remember when you first met the love of your life?  How all of a sudden your girlfriends weren’t your priority.  You would almost drop everything to be with this new adoration that you found.  Well, the same has to hold true if you are trying to develop a spiritual relationship with your creator.  You have to drop everything and put him as your first priority.

For me, this works best if I wake up early before anyone’s life in my household starts.  That way, I am not asked to do the endless tasks that a mother and wife are usually asked to do.  The phone won’t ring.  The UPS guy isn’t ringing my door bell with my online purchases this early in the morning.  I know at this time of my day, there will be absolutely no interruptions because nobody else is awake.

Psalms 148:3 encourages, “Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.”

We all want this steadfast love.  We need it.  Or at least I do!  Take the time before anyone else in your world wakes up, and give some of your day to the Lord.  Even if it is five minutes in the morning, you will feel prepared for your day, and ready to face all the disruptions that are going to be thrown your way.

Once you start this relationship, trust me, like any first relationship, you will crave so much more and your five minutes will stretch into 20 or 30.  Especially when you see yourself developing as a person and becoming aware of what part of yourself needs to develop and blossom through our Savior’s word.