Growing Grass

Is it just me, or does the grass grow faster this time of the year than mid-summer?  I can’t believe how fast the little green bladed suckers grow, and I am sure most people are ready to hang up their lawn mowers and have a break from the constant lawn care maintenance.  I know my son sure is!

The mowing of the lawn is just one of his responsibilities at our home.  Some days I really feel bad for him out in the hot summer sun mowing our rather large lawn with a hand mower.  I know there are days it takes a lot to convince him that it is time for him to push the loud grass eater around in circles again, but he does it.

One day, it was incredibly hot, and he decided he’d divide the job up into a two day job.  My husband and I were fine with that, because it was an incredibly hot and humid day.  The problem was, it rained the following day, and then we had to leave early for a baseball tournament the following morning, so the rest of the lawn never did get cut.

We were gone for two nights, and when we returned the area that he didn’t get cut was very long.  Even though we were away, it just kept growing.  The grass didn’t wait patiently for us to get around to cutting it, instead it kept pushing up towards the sky.  The part that he didn’t cut almost seemed to grow faster than the part he did cut, if that is at all possible.

Isn’t it amazing, how life doesn’t wait for anyone?  Just like the grass.  It kept growing, even though we were gone, and not wanting it to grow.  Certain things in life are going to happen whether we want them to or not.  Our children are going to grow up and move away.  Our jobs are going to maybe be eliminated or changed.  Our parents aren’t going to stay with us forever.  Our marriage or relationships aren’t going to be as whimsical and magical as they were when we first fell in love.  Our finances might take a dip with the stock market or other circumstances.  Whatever the situation, life is going to continue to move forward whether we like it or not.

James 4:14 tells us, “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”  Just like my son didn’t realize it was going to rain, and not be able to mow the lawn, we never know what life will bring.  It is going to go the way God planned it for you, whether you like it or not. The sun will rise, and set, but other than that, nothing is going to remain the same.  The grass is always going to grow.  Like it or not.

It is how we deal with life moving forward that is going to make us or break us, because life is hard.  The great thing is if we look in God’s word, there is many great tips on how to deal with all that is unfolding around us whether we want it to or not.  All we have to do is take some time out of our busy day, and sit and read his word, and he will guide us through this rough ride called Life!