IOS 10

IOS 10 is officially my nemesis!  Why do the phones have to have constant upgrades?  I just get comfortable with the changes from one upgrade, and BAM, another upgrade to wrap my head around.  I know I am getting old, but I don’t think I am that old that I can’t figure out the new technological advancements, but maybe I am?

At first I was very frustrated with the new update.  I didn’t even want my phone updated, but my daughter took it upon herself to help me, and did it without me knowing.  She thinks this new update is wonderful, but not me!

Every time I pick up my phone, I still try to swipe my home screen to open the phone, but now, I just have to push the home button, which in all honesty truly makes better sense.  It’s just a habit that I have to break, but it is definitely embedded in my brain to swipe instead of push.

There are many other changes too.  My timer, which I use nonstop is different.  When I first opened this App up, it totally threw me for a loop.  The screen was black!  What is this?  I liked the other way better!

There is also a new “Bedtime” option that will wake you up at the same time every morning and remind you to go to bed every night.  The phone is trying to be our parents?  It explains its reasoning stating on the introduction screen that they feel that this is very important part of a healthy sleep.  Imagine.  Who is really going to listen to their phone when it comes to bedtime?

Now when I text people, that is also an adjustment.  I don’t just have an option to take a picture or a video, I now can send very fancy script notes using a black screen and my fingertip.  I can send funny images that are already downloaded to the App.  There really are many fun things to send above and beyond just words now.

Proverbs 18:15 gives us this advice, “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”  I was not being an intelligent hear, nor was I the ear of the wise who was seeking knowledge.

For days I’ve been grumbling under my breath about all these changes, instead of trying to grow in the knowledge of the changes.  I was closing my heart to these differences.  How many times do we carry this attitude with us in other changes in our lives?  We get comfortable with our routine.  Our normal.  We don’t want changes.

Finally one day I sat down and actually took the time to figure out how to work all these new options, and at the end of the day I couldn’t believe how cool the IOS 10 actually is.  I opened my heart and my mind to the changes that were made, and in the end, I love it more than I loved my old program.

Whatever changes you are facing in your life, open your heart and mind to the knowledge of the change and realize change is good, natural and has to happen for us to move forward in this world.  Take your move today!