Cherry Tomatoes

With the end of September comes the end of the produce from the garden.  It’s a sad time knowing that you will have to rely on the grocery store to supply your fruit and vegetables.  It is time to give the soil a well-deserved break to replenish its nutrients for next summer’s production.

As I try and use the last of the sweet vegetables from the garden, I find myself with an entire bag full of cherry tomatoes.  These little red babies are my daughter’s favorite treat!  She has been eating them non-stop since the first one was ready to pluck from the vine.

Every day for about a month she’s been indulging in their sweet goodness, and enjoying every one.  Lately however, her desire to eat them until she turns red herself has been lessening and lessening.  These luscious cherry tomatoes fresh from the vine are no longer a treat.  They’ve become an everyday occurrence to her.  They are not a treat anymore when you are used to having them in your life every day.

So many of us are faced with the same feeling as my daughter with her cherry tomatoes.  We get something that we haven’t had for a long time, or that we’ve been dreaming to get for years and years, and then we cherish it and eat, and eat and eat from the vine of love and just can’t get enough.

Remember when you first got your new vehicle?  Didn’t you LOVE it?  Or your spouse?  Weren’t you madly in love with them?  Think back to when you first started your dream job.  Were you on Cloud Nine?  What about that new home that you were saving and saving for?  It was everything you ever wanted!  So was your spouse!  So was your vehicle and your job!

Time passes and you are with your car, spouse, job, house, or whatever it is day and night—for years.  All of a sudden that love diminishes.  You are used to having them in your life now, and they aren’t as sweet nor desired like they were at the first of your life together.  They become part of you, and you become bored with them.

Does that mean my daughter will never eat cherry tomatoes again?  No!  She still loves cherry tomatoes but doesn’t need to eat them until they are coming out her ears.  It is still her favorite fruit.  Just like our marriages, jobs or our homes.  We still love them, we just need to realize we might be getting bored with them and need to put some energy back into them…just like the soil of the earth that has been growing these tomatoes all summer.  It needs to replenish its nutrients.

How do we replenish the nutrients in our marriage, jobs or homes?  We work at it!  We put effort into them.  We don’t take them for granted.  We remember how much we loved our spouse, our home or our jobs at the first and try to rekindle that love!  Maybe we need to make time for our spouse and have a date night.  Maybe we need to freshen up our homes or rearrange the furniture.  Maybe we need to remember all the positives about our job and keep focusing on doing our best.

Colossians 3:23 explains, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,” and that should be our attitude with everything!  Just do our best!

Is there something in your life that might be suffering and you are blaming everything but yourself for the state that it is in?  Try changing your attitude and start putting more energy into it.  See if it takes a turn and changes for the better.  You never know.  It might be just like the soil in my garden, and needs a bit of TLC.