Meditation Mindfulness

I love my brother!  He is the best!  Anyone who put up with the torment and torture that I put him through is a true angel!  As I watch my children grow up, I can’t stop thinking of how I would love to go back and change our childhood.  I was such a rotten snot!  He was such a sweetheart…still is, even after the anguish I exposed him to.

I could guilt that boy into doing anything for me.  His kind nature, and curious personality left him vulnerable to my tattling ways.  I would catch him doing something that he wasn’t supposed to be doing and would hold it over his head for weeks, even months, until he of course, did something bigger and better for me to add to my list of bribery.

Many times, if he had of just confessed to be curious, and realize that my parents probably wouldn’t have cared as much as he thought they would, he wouldn’t had to be subjected to my torment.  He could have come clean to my parents and realize that my parents are very forgiving parents, and his punishment would have been a blessing not a curse.

Being a parent now, I realize that the love a parent has for their child is far beyond any reasonable explanation.  I would love my children no matter what they did.  Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has to make mistakes to be formed into what they are supposed to be.

We are no different.  We are all guilty of making the wrong choices.  Nobody is perfect.  It is the choice of what we do with that guilt that will make our break us.  Just like the choice my brother did with his guilt.  He let me manipulate him into crazy things just so that my parents wouldn’t find out.  We too manipulate ourselves into extreme measures of guilt that can actually hurt us physically and mentally.

If people only realized that once we confess our sins to our Heavenly Father he forgives us instantly.  Then we have to learn to let the guilt go.  We have to understand how forgiving our God is, and how we also have to forgive ourselves.  Guilt can poison our souls.

I love Romans 8:1.  It explains how wonderful our God is as it explains, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  How true.  Once we turn to God, he forgives our every mistake.  Now, we have to learn to forgive ourselves of our mistakes.

Our lives would be much freer if we would just learn to forgive ourselves from the wrongs that we have made, just like God forgives us.  We don’t want to carry the guilt of our wrong choice for years and years.  We have to let them go.  Meditation is a great way to free our minds of this ridicule that we litter upon ourselves.  Give it a try and see how it frees your mind from the torment that we bring upon ourselves, just like I did my brother.


Leap of Faith

It is only 8 weeks until we are plopped, flat into competition season in gymnastics.  Why is it when you don’t want something to come, it quickly arrives, but when you are long anticipating the arrival of an event, like Christmas, it feels like time is just scraping by?  Nevertheless, we are quickly marking off the days of our preparation period for our competition season.

As I watch and coach my gymnasts, I am witnessing them all make great gains.  More than I actually imagined they would, which is very encouraging.  I have such a great assortment of athletes, but each of their personalities get them to their goals in a different way.

I have those that are very determined and focused 100% of the time.  Very driven and over achieving children that only want one thing and that is to be the best they can be.  I also have those that put so much pressure on themselves that they tend to crack under the pressure of this quickly approaching season of their lives.  Over achievers as well, but in a different way, and they need much TLC.  I also have those that are there for a good time, but still want to keep up with the rest of the gymnasts and they kick in their abilities at the last minute when they know that they are starting to slip behind.

We all have the opportunity to become all that we want to be, gymnast or not, but I love watching my gymnasts work hard to grab all that they want to be.  As I was studying Joshua this morning, I could help but think of my gymnasts as I read Joshua 18:3, “So Joshua said to the people of Israel, “How long will you put off going in to take possession of the land?””

Some of my gymnasts are comfortable where they are now, and trying to concur the new and scary skills make them uneasy.  They are just like the people of Israel, comfortable in their land that they were used to and not going after what God had so generously given them.  Comfort is a nice feeling, but the gymnasts that get ahead in this sport are those that step outside of their comfort zone and take the risk of trying that new and terrifying skill that they need to reach their next level.

It’s not just my gymnasts who like comfort.  We all love comfy cozy situations that make us feel safe.  Sometimes, we have to take the risk that is lurking in the back of our minds or listen to that still small voice that is telling you to make a change.  Take that risk that will move you to the next level, just like my gymnasts.  You have to step outside your comfort zone and take possession over the land, or gifts, that God is so lovingly holding for us.  He is ready to give us many blessings, just like the people of Israel, but we have to be ready to take a step of faith, and go for that goal we’ve been wishing we could attain.

Just like the goals my gymnasts set for themselves, only the brave and faithful will reach their full potential, we too have to be brave and faithful to our Heavenly Father.  If he put a dream in your heart, reach out and grab it.  Take a leap of faith!  Who knows?  You might just reach the next level of your destiny!


Dying to Wake Up

I have to share with you the new book that I read.  I was anxiously awaiting all summer for its arrival!  I stumbled across it in May on Amazon when I was looking for my next book to fill my brain with something educational, but it wasn’t released until the end of August.  After reading the teaser for the book, I was sold and couldn’t wait.

In my anticipation of the book release I search the man on You Tube, and to my surprise there were already videos on him and his story.  I was even more captivated by this man from his videos and set the date on my calendar to buy his book as soon as it was released.  I couldn’t wait to hear more of his life changing story!

Finally the end of August arrived, and I bought the audiobook to accompany and educate me while I run.  After chapter one was finished I wanted to run more, just so I could hear more of his incredible story.  I looked forward to every run, since I made the promise to myself that I wouldn’t listen to it unless I was running.

“Dying to Wake Up: A Doctor’s Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back” by Dr. Rajiv Parti is by far the best book that I have ever read!  It is the story of a very materialistic Anesthesiologist from California that gets prostate cancer and has complications with a devise that was inserted in him to try and help him with his problems that developed from his prostate surgery.  The insertion of the devise causes him to become septic and when they are cleaning him up on the operating table he gets to visit Hell, and Heaven.

Not only does he go to Heaven, he is visited by the Archangels Michael and Raphael.  What is very ironic about all of this is that he is Hindu.  When he tells his wife about his voyage into the after world, she is puzzled on why he doesn’t see the thousands of Gods that are promised to them in the Hindu faith.

While he is in Heaven, he also gets to talk to the Divine Light, that he doesn’t give a name until the end of the book.  The Light tells him that he has to come back to the world to teach the world about his experience and start Consciousness Based Healing, which Dr. Parti has no idea about.

Thankfully when he comes back to this world, and is being obedient to the Divine Light, he is continued to be visited by the angels that he met in heaven and they help him fulfill his destiny of what the light instructed him to do.

This book is completely fascinating and it is my most recommended book of all time.  The last two chapters are completely riveting and I don’t want to spoil it for those who are interested in this spiritual realm, or if you are interested in the art of healing yourself.  The Divine Light explained it all to Dr. Parti, and now he is doing exactly what he was told to do.  He sacrificed his very sophisticated and financially rewarding job of an Anesthesiologist, taking his family out of the mansion and lifestyle they were accustomed all to be submissive to the directions he was given during his NDE.

I promise, you won’t be able to put the book down!