Dying to Wake Up

I have to share with you the new book that I read.  I was anxiously awaiting all summer for its arrival!  I stumbled across it in May on Amazon when I was looking for my next book to fill my brain with something educational, but it wasn’t released until the end of August.  After reading the teaser for the book, I was sold and couldn’t wait.

In my anticipation of the book release I search the man on You Tube, and to my surprise there were already videos on him and his story.  I was even more captivated by this man from his videos and set the date on my calendar to buy his book as soon as it was released.  I couldn’t wait to hear more of his life changing story!

Finally the end of August arrived, and I bought the audiobook to accompany and educate me while I run.  After chapter one was finished I wanted to run more, just so I could hear more of his incredible story.  I looked forward to every run, since I made the promise to myself that I wouldn’t listen to it unless I was running.

“Dying to Wake Up: A Doctor’s Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back” by Dr. Rajiv Parti is by far the best book that I have ever read!  It is the story of a very materialistic Anesthesiologist from California that gets prostate cancer and has complications with a devise that was inserted in him to try and help him with his problems that developed from his prostate surgery.  The insertion of the devise causes him to become septic and when they are cleaning him up on the operating table he gets to visit Hell, and Heaven.

Not only does he go to Heaven, he is visited by the Archangels Michael and Raphael.  What is very ironic about all of this is that he is Hindu.  When he tells his wife about his voyage into the after world, she is puzzled on why he doesn’t see the thousands of Gods that are promised to them in the Hindu faith.

While he is in Heaven, he also gets to talk to the Divine Light, that he doesn’t give a name until the end of the book.  The Light tells him that he has to come back to the world to teach the world about his experience and start Consciousness Based Healing, which Dr. Parti has no idea about.

Thankfully when he comes back to this world, and is being obedient to the Divine Light, he is continued to be visited by the angels that he met in heaven and they help him fulfill his destiny of what the light instructed him to do.

This book is completely fascinating and it is my most recommended book of all time.  The last two chapters are completely riveting and I don’t want to spoil it for those who are interested in this spiritual realm, or if you are interested in the art of healing yourself.  The Divine Light explained it all to Dr. Parti, and now he is doing exactly what he was told to do.  He sacrificed his very sophisticated and financially rewarding job of an Anesthesiologist, taking his family out of the mansion and lifestyle they were accustomed all to be submissive to the directions he was given during his NDE.

I promise, you won’t be able to put the book down!