Slimy Determination

I love watching my children grow up and the lessons that I learn from their life experiences.  My latest lesson was all over slime.  Yes!  That’s right!  Slime!  My daughter has been on an adventure to make a gross mess of goo.  It’s been a two week escapade of trial and error along with a huge mess to clean up, all trying to accomplish a bowl full of slime.  In all her attempts she has achieved more of a mess than what her heart envisioned, but after two weeks of trying she finally was successful in making her goal of goo!

As I was in awe over her constant pursuit to make this slime, I had to chuckle.  She definitely doesn’t give up when she is determined to complete a task, no matter how many glue sticks she had to go through or how much mess I had to suffer through.  I had to admire her strong-minded will that made her have the desire to be successful at making this slime crazy project!

As the days passed, I honestly gave up accompanying her venture.  I realized the recipe she was using wasn’t working.  We followed the YouTube video to the letter, and I couldn’t understand why the slime wasn’t working.  Obviously we were doing something wrong.  What we were doing wrong is a mystery and I was finished trying, but my dear daughter was not deterred by her failure.

Finally after many failed attempts she decided to change her recipe.  No more glue stick needed.  This time she was using totally different ingredients.  Her first few attempts with these ingredients started to show more promise with making slime.  She was seeing improvements on her attempts and after two or three trials she conquered her goal!  A shout of victory came from the kitchen and I knew that she finally made the slime she’s been trying to make for weeks.

During her gooey adventure, I was reading and studying 1 Kings.  As I read 1 Kings 2, “David’s Last Instructions to Solomon”, I realized something!  We can all make slime!  We can all be kings or queens!  We are all children of God, and we are all heirs to the thrown of Heaven!  David explains to Solomon in 1 Kings 2:2-4, “My time to die has come.  Be confident and determined, and do what the Lord your God orders you to do.  Obey all his laws and commands, as written in the Law of Moses, so that wherever you go you may prosper in everything you do.”

Just like my daughter making her slime, we go through many years, even decades upon decades of our lives constantly being unsuccessful.  Unsuccessful with our families, our marriage, our jobs, our finances, our relationships—our lives!  Trying to make the slime our own way, or the way we are watching other people make theirs.  We are using a recipe for life that just doesn’t work.  If we would just listen to David’s wise words to Solomon before he passed, we can finally get a recipe for success and prosper the way God wants us to be.  It’s that simple.  Follow the Law of Moses.  End of story.  How hard is that?  Who wouldn’t love to be a king or queen of their lives?  Then start following the ten simple commandments and you will finally have a reign on your own life and you will love every minute of it!  Start having the same slimy determination that my daughter has and that King David recommended all kings have!