Dirty Fridge

I have a question!  How does the refrigerator get so dirty?  Honestly?  Is it just me, or does everyone experience this dilemma?  I feel like I just dig the appliance out and then a week later it is dirty again!  It can’t be just me.  Are my children purposely trying to torture me by mess up the guts of our fridge?  During the hour and a half it took me the other day to clean the monster, I have to be honest, the thought did cross my mind.  Why do I have to go through this torture of cleaning my fridge?

As I was complaining to my mother about the state of my fridge she put my mind to ease with admitting to me that her fridge also gets dirty super-fast and she finds it hard to keep on top of.  Thank goodness I have my mom to bounce off these crazy ideas that enter my brain, or I would think I was going insane.  Actually, I am very glad that I am close to my mother for many of my insecurities.  She is the one the makes me feel like I am normal and these things happen to everyone, not just me.  Many times, however, we can feel like we are the only ones with a dirty fridge.

How many of us feel the way I do about my fridge but are scared to admit to other people that we can’t keep our fridge clean.  We want everyone to think that we have the cleanest fridge in the community.  The perfectly organized, spotless fridge with no spoiled food, no outdated condiments, and no molded cheese.

Do you know why we all have to experience a dirty fridge?  To learn how to preserve our food and appreciate the food that we have.  Just as we have to experience suffering for us to grow spiritually and mature into all that we are created to be.  As we go through our trials of suffering, we become regenerated and learn from the pain and suffering that they bring with them.  We don’t see it at the time, instead we just feel the pain, as I did today cleaning out my fridge.  But once the pain is over we are left with a clean, just like new fridge and we forget how dirty the fridge was to begin with.

What we have to do is start talking more about the dirt in our fridge and help others that think they are going crazy because they have a dirty fridge but think they are the only ones with a dirty fridge in the community.  It’s not shameful to have a dirty fridge, it’s totally natural.  The more dirt we go through the more we grow, if you let the dirt in your fridge open your eyes to the universe that surrounds you.

Everyone has problems in their family.  Nobody’s children are perfect nor is anyone’s marriage perfect!  We all have our issues.  Some of us will fight and clean the hard grime in our fridge and others just give up on the grime, because they think the grime isn’t worth fighting for, and that is your choice.  If you fight to clean the grime in your family life and learn from it, you never know what it could become.  We don’t threw out our fridge just because there is stuck on grime.  We take the time to clean it.  The same should go for any part of your family struggles.  Just because something is not going the way you dreamed it would, doesn’t mean you give up.  Whether it is your marriage, a child gone astray, a sibling or a parent that isn’t seeing life the way you do.  Fight hard when it comes to your family!

The list of life’s problems are long!  Many people are suffering financial troubles, and make poor decisions about where they spend their money.  You aren’t alone here.  So many people suffer from an addiction of some sort and are ashamed?  Don’t be!  It doesn’t define who you are, it is just a bad decision that you are making, but many others are making the same decision.  You aren’t the only one!

In 1 Peter 5:10 it is very clear why we have to go through this painful dirty fridge, “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

We all have dirty fridges for a reason.  It is to help strengthen us spiritually and establish our place in heaven.  It’s all part of life on earth.  Nobody can escape the dirty fridge, so during the difficult days of cleaning the fridge, realize you are not alone in this battle.  We are all going through it and hopefully we are all learning from it, as it was meant to be.

But, isn’t it nice when you finally clean out your fridge?  It feels nice to have a clean fridge!  How’s your fridge?  Are you pretending that your fridge is clean and others’ are dirty or are you learning from the dirt in your fridge and trying helping others grow from what you found in your fridge lately?