Quench Your Thirst

As we are getting pounded with snow for two days in a row, it makes you wonder why weather acts the way it does.  Many times we experience weird weather with no real explanation.  Why not just have a steady stream of water and sunshine to keep everything green, growing and happily alive?  Why do we have to suffer through these storms?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving these last few days of snow, especially since we are just entering the month of December.  Who doesn’t love snow to accompany all the festivities of Christmas.  I just wonder why we are getting pounded so hard so fast with this fluffy white stuff.

Throughout the days of our constant snow, ironically I was reading 1 Kings 17 and 18 which was all about Elijah and the Drought, where the Lord was to bring no dew or rain to Israel for two to three years.  I loved the story from the 17th chapter, but it was the 18th chapter that I finally had it click to me when I read Ahab’s words blaming Elijah for the drought.  1 Kings 18:17-18 explains, “When Ahab saw him, he said, “So there you are—the worst troublemaker in Israel!” “I’m not the trouble maker,” Elijah answered.  “You are—you and your father.  You are disobeying the Lord’s commands and worshiping the idols of Baal.”

As I sat in meditation over this chapter, my mind was in a spin!  I knew these two verses were very important.  I highlighted them, and then wondered- why exactly are the screaming out to me?

I’m a big believer that the Bible has a much deeper significance that just the words on the page or the literal meaning of the text.  I feel that we aren’t supposed to take it all word for word, like many people do.  For some reason, it has been planted in my heart that the Bible is our road map for life, but the words don’t lead us to where we think they are leading us.  There are secret messages or portals maybe, on each and every path and it is our treasure hunt to decipher these messages and find the portals.

Just like the passage that I quoted above.  I feel this has much deeper meaning.  Finally, it hit me!  Israel is representing us, each and every one of us.  The drought that Israel is experiencing is really the lack of truth and wisdom that we deny to ourselves.  How we love to make excuses in our heads for the wrongs that we perform and the troubles that we get in.  Just as Ahab blamed Elijah for the drought.  Elijah wasn’t the troublemaker, it was really Ahab.  Just like many times we blame everyone for our troubles, sorrows, mishaps, and whoas instead of owning up to them ourselves.  We are making our own drought by denying ourselves all of the truths of this world.

How do we make it rain and get ourselves out of this horrible drought?  Start owning up to our failures.  Take responsibility for our selfish actions and start following the word of God.  It’s our handbook for life.  You may not be worshipping another idol as Ahab was, but are you attempting to try and live by the Lord’s commands?  I realize that maybe you are in a drought because of hardships that you might have faced and have become bitter with the world, and maybe even be mad at God.  Again, you are placing the blame in the wrong place.  We have to go through these hardships to grow out of the selfish humans that we were born to be and become all that we are created to be.

God wants you turn towards him to quench your thirst, not away from him.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go to church.  Maybe that is where the bitterness all started.  Organized religion has definitely turned many people sour.  God’s word is available in so many other ways.  There are many other options available to us now.  Just start searching what touches your soul and gives water to your world.  Nobody should be living in a drought and starving themselves from their true spirituality!

Take a big drink of the truth of God today, and watch how much your world blossoms.  Have an open mind to the world of spirituality.  God isn’t that mean Father that so many religions and people have made him out to be.  He loves us and doesn’t want anyone to be going through a drought!  Water is the truth, stop wallowing in self-pity and making excuses for yourself!  Search out your “Well of Life” today and drink, drink, drink until you finally feel that your thirst is quenched!